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Cub Care is a specialist paediatric healthcare service for your child from the comfort of your home. They focus on a different approach to after-hours care where their Virtual Ward gives you ongoing care from a specialist children’s doctor via video and text. Cub Care provides urgent, specialist medical care for children. They’re open when your GP is closed and can also offer evening monitoring/reviews for children seen by their GP earlier in the day. You don’t need a referral (although having one will reduce the out-of-pocket cost).

Cub Care is opening in October 2020!

Cub Care Services

Cub Care provide easy and convenient care anywhere in Australia, via video and text. They can check-in with your family later the same night, by admitting your child into their virtual-ward. They’re staffed by specialist doctors, trained in emergency care for children, and can provide care or advice for most urgent healthcare issues, such as:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma and wheezing
  • Cough and croup
  • Ear pain
  • Eye problems
  • Fever
  • Minor head injury
  • Rashes
  • Sore throats
  • Stomach aches
  • Strains and sprains

Advice for a range of other issues is also available, or simply if you want some reassurance on what to do next.

Cub Care clinical team of paediatric specialists

How does Cub Care work?

Cub Care focus on providing the best possible healthcare for you and your child:

  • Quality – Paediatric specialist clinicians
  • Convenience – Easy to access with just a few clicks on virtually any device, anywhere
  • Support – Not just a one-off review, but ongoing care throughout the evening and the entire patient journey

Opening hours

Cub Care has an after-hours clinic, open 4pm to late daily (referral or no referral). Their rapid review clinic (GP referral only) is also open 9am-5pm on weekdays.

Using the service

Cub Care will grab a few basic details when you first contact them. You will then receive a link to a secure consult with one of their doctors, where you can chat, share photos and jump onto a call via voice or video. From there, it’s like visiting a doctor in person. They’ll ask you questions, discuss your concerns, and come up with a plan that works for you.

After your consult, you can still chat with Cub Care, and they’ll check back with you to make sure everything is going OK.

Who does Cub Care treat?

Cub Care specialise in treating newborns all the way up to 15-year-olds.

What if my child needs a physical exam?

Cub Care can still help by providing quick and expert advice about the seriousness of the issue and the next steps you can take. That being said, you might be surprised how much they can treat with your assistance using just a video call.

What types of health issues can Cub Care treat?

With your assistance, Cub Care can provide care or advice for almost anything short of an emergency. If you’re worried that your child needs to be in a hospital, you’re probably right, and you should call 000 or get to an ED immediately.

Who will treat my child?

All the clinicians working for Cub Care are paediatric specialists, which means they are specially trained in caring for children and adolescents. Your child will be treated by either a paediatric emergency physician – the doctors you would see in the emergency department of a hospital – or a general paediatrician with significant emergency experience.

Do I need a referral?

No. You can consult Cub Care directly with no referral, but the cost will be higher. To guarantee your access to a rebate from Medicare, Cub Care do recommend you get a referral from your GP or specialist where possible.

Can I receive care anywhere in Australia?

Absolutely. While Cub Care are based out of Brisbane, they provide tele-consults anywhere in Australia.


TBD but likely between $100 to $200 per evening. With a referral this can in many cases can be reduced to as low as $20 out of pocket.

The Cub Care Clinical Team

  • Dr Aaron Johnston, Paediatric Emergency Physician
  • Dr Dave Wood, Paediatric Emergency Physician
  • Dr Deb Shellshear, Paediatric Emergency Physician
  • Dr Fiona Reilly, Paediatric Emergency Physician
  • Dr Geoff Pearce, Paediatric Emergency Physician
  • Dr Laura Sumners, Paediatric Emergency Physician
  • Dr Luisa Orellana, Paediatric Emergency Physician
  • Dr Nadia Leonidou, Paediatric Emergency Physician
  • Dr Veevek Thankey, Paediatric Emergency Physician

Cub Care clinical team of paediatric specialists pulling silly faces


We used Cub Care on the weekend because we were worried about our 3 year old son. I was able to speak to Geoff, a specialist kids doctor, within a few minutes, which was fantastic! He made me feel very reassured and supported, and even checked back in with me. I look forward to when Cub Care is fully launched. I suspect we’ll be using it quite a bit!” – Laura, user during testing phase

We were walking on Mt Coot-Tha on a Saturday when our daughter had a fall and hit her head. I was extremely worried about whether I should take her to emergency or not, we used our iPhone to contact the Cub Care team on the spot and Geoff gave us advice on what to do in a matter of minutes and then helped us monitor her over the next few hours from home. The assurance of having an expert guide us through the process removed so much stress.” – Jane, user during testing phase

You can contact Cub Care via their website at to start a consultation from the comfort of your own home.

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