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Without the need to travel and the difficulty of finding the right tutor for your child in your local area, Cloud Tuition connects Brisbane students with qualified online tutors with a passion for changing the way that students learn.

With easy-to-connect, interactive lessons, your child can learn from the comfort of home and you can relax knowing that they will receive quality support for their schoolwork, assessment and exam preparation.

Cloud Tuition believes that you as a parent deserve to feel confident and comfortable knowing that your kids are receiving safe and supportive tailored tuition.

Primary, High School & Senior Student Plans

If you are looking for week-to-week, comprehensive support for your child’s learning from the start to the end of a school term, Cloud Tuition offers student term plans designed to improve self-confidence, academic performance and learning motivation over time.

All lessons are personalised to student needs and are in line with the Australian Curriculum. Whether it’s homework from school, completing an assignment or revising for an exam, Cloud Tuition term plans boost learning responsibility, time management and awareness so that students can keep up to date with school and perform at their best in their assessments.

Custom Tutoring Plans

Cloud Tuition can also accommodate to you if you would like a more customised learning program. Custom tutoring plans allow you to create a tutoring schedule that fits your child’s individual academic needs. Holiday lessons are a great example, with many students opting in for holiday classes so that they can catch up on last term’s content or get a head start on learning for the new term.

Book As You Go – Once-off Lessons

If you would like a more flexible tutoring alternative, Cloud Tuition’s once-off lessons allow you to book in lessons whenever your child needs the occasional support in their learning or assessment. These once-off lessons work around your child’s busy schedule, especially around assessment time, and are great for students who are looking to try online tutoring for the first time.

Brisbane Kids Exclusive Offer

Cloud Tuition is happy to offer all Brisbane Kids an exclusive price on all term plans, custom plans and once-off lessons at a rate of $55 per hour. If you are interested in booking a lesson with a tutor, feel free to contact Cloud Tuition with the promo code BK21 to receive this exclusive offer!


Our tutor is always creative and keeps finding new ways to get Yuki engaged. In addition, she covers all subjects and Yuki loves the challenging math questions that she is given. We would not hesitate to recommend Cloud Tuition to anyone!” – Aiko (Parent of Year 6 Student)

I usually have two-hour lessons and the sessions are always helpful, well-structured and organised. I’ve definitely seen a huge improvement in my results since before I started tutoring. I also received my marks back for chemistry, biology and physics and have gotten As in all of them! Thank you Cloud Tuition for your help!” – Khushi (Year 12 Student)

Great student support! Cloud Tuition seeked to gain a good understanding of my son’s learning style and needs before commencing tutoring and provided ongoing feedback and advice.” – Rosa (Parent of Year 12 student)

Frequently Asked Questions


Online tutoring is an interactive, highly engaging way of learning through technology. Similar to traditional tutoring, your child can learn face-to-face with a tutor and receive the personalised learning support that they need. However, online tutoring has the benefit of using an online platform during lessons. Students and tutors therefore have access to unlimited learning resources online making learning highly engaging and effective.


All online tutors at Cloud Tuition have their Blue Card which is always kept up to date. In addition, they are either experts in their field or have previously excelled in the subjects that they tutor in. Cloud Tuition tutors are carefully screened and chosen because of their outstanding communication skills, approach to teaching and academic knowledge.


Lessons typically run for 1-hour, 1.5-hours or 2-hours at a time.


You can book your first lesson by completing the contact form found on the Cloud Tuition website and let them know what your child’s needs are. Alternatively, feel free to call Cloud Tuition at any time.


  • Once you have contacted Cloud Tuition, their team will assign a suitable tutor to your child based on their learning needs.
  • The Cloud Tuition team will then help organise a date and time for your child’s first lesson.
  • After that, your assigned tutor will contact you prior to the first lesson to say hello and chat with you about any concerns or questions you may have.
  • When it is time for your first lesson, connect online and meet your tutor who will spend the lesson getting to know you and your child and also run through any work that they need help on or go through their prepared material.
  • After the lesson, your tutor will complete a short feedback overview to let you know how your child went and what was covered during the lesson.

To find out more about how Cloud Tuition can help your child via online tuition, please visit the Cloud Tuition website or phone 07 3726 5788.


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