Classes for Mums and Mums-To-Be with Embrace Life

Embrace Life host a variety of classes to benefit your baby, child, and assist you through your pregnancy, birth and beyond. Please note that all classes need to be booked in advance and paid for upon booking to secure your place.

Workshops for parents at Embrace Life

Embrace Life often host workshops regarding health topics including Nutrition and Essential Oils, to pass on knowledge and teach you how to improve your health on a daily basis.

Beer & Bubs classes for Dads at Embrace Life

Beer and Bubs – Childbirth Education for Dads

I know we said this page about classes for mums, however, it is so important for expectant dads to feel part of the process too! Often regular ante-natal classes are aimed at the expectant mother and dad is just a by stander – and bored to snores! Beer and Bubs helps men gain practical knowledge so they can be involved in the births of their children, in a positive way.

This class is perfect for first time fathers and is held in the pub, to make them feel at ease. The environment also lets them ask questions they may not feel comfortable asking in front of their partner and gives them to tools to provide support to their partner during labour and beyond.

Pregnancy yoga at Embrace Life

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga is a great way to keep active throughout your pregnancy and bond with your baby. Yoga is a great way to stay in shape, reconnect with yourself and relax.

General Yoga

Yoga reduces stress, relaxes the body, and can bring balance to your life. When we are relaxed mind and body function on a higher energetic level allowing us to maximise our time and get more out of life.

Pilates classes at Embrace Life


Embrace Life hosts Pilates classes that help you to build your core strength and sculpt your body. One on one classes are also available with their Exercise Physiologist – talk to their friendly team for more information.

For the most up to date information regarding classes*, check out the Embrace Life website.

*Classes are subject to change at any time

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