Chess Mates School Holiday Program

Chess Mates, chess classes for kids

Are you looking for a fun, all-day holiday program for the kids that challenges, engages and encourages making friends? Look no further!

These school holidays Chess Mates is running some fantastic activities. Kids will get to play giant chess, learn new strategies, solve puzzles and participate in a mini tournament. 
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Chess Mates is also hosting the first face to face chess tournaments in Queensland since restrictions have eased. Each Wednesday of the school holidays we will have a junior (prep – grade 2) and senior (grade 3 – grade 6) tournament with medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 
1st July    
St Laurence’s College
8th July   
West End State School
Price: $30

Chess Mates School Holiday Program Details

Chess Mates, chess classes for kids

Why Chess Mates for the holidays?

With trivia and games, Chess Mates consider their fun Holiday Programs not only exciting but engaging for children as well.

Their team of childcare and Prep – Year 6 educators care deeply for the development of students and are well-versed in fun stories, songs, and games to teach students that chess is more than just a competition.

Chess Mates understands that children want to have fun and wish to follow their curiosity. At Chess Mates, chess is not just a competition, but a game that allows for forward thinking, and humility whether win or lose.

Who is Chess Mates?

Chess Mates, chess classes for kids

Chess Mates’ director, Ash Reddy was unsatisfied with the unnecessary competitiveness being taught to children all throughout Australia, and as such, Chess Mates was born in 2012.

There are over thirty passionate Chess Mates educators spread over the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba regions, and they have formed close ties to the communities and schools Chess Mates teach in. They have run successful holiday programs in the past and love offering an alternate program where kids are able to have fun, play games, grow their curiosity and make friends.

Chess Mates is the evolution of chess teaching. It uses chess as the teaching tool, not as the end game. Because of this, Chess Mates have created a community of like-minded parents who understand the benefits of chess, but who value the opportunity it brings for helping children reach their potential.

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