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Queensland Cheer Elite believes in the power of sport to improve the lives of children and teens and strives to be a place to improve skills, make friends and be challenged. Queensland Cheer Elite has forged a strong reputation as one of the best cheerleading programs in Australia, but is most proud of providing an environment which is inclusive and empowering to young girls and women.

What is cheerleading?

Cheerleading at QCE is a mix of gymnastics, dancing and acrobatics, all rolled into one. The sport has becoming popular in Australia in the past 15 years, with tens of thousands of participants across the country. Many children are attracted to cheerleading as there are many elements to explore, and all body shapes and sizes can excel within these different components of cheerleading.

Queensland Cheer Elite, cheerleading classes

Who can take part?

Queensland Cheer Elite offers cheerleading and tumbling classes for children aged 4, primary aged children, teens and adults. Absolutely no experience in cheerleading, dance or gymnastics is required to become a member of QCE. In fact, most people who join QCE are completely new to cheer! They have three options of cheer available – recreational, semi-competitive and competitive cheer, and have a team, age group and location to suit everyone who wants to be involved in cheerleading.

Class details

Recreational cheer

Focus on building confidence, body control, strength and having fun along the way in a 45-60 minute class per week. Classes are all about developing a love for cheerleading, without the pressure of competing, whilst learning the gymnastics tumbles, lifts, jumps and dance that make up cheer.

Semi-competitive cheer

This is an ideal starting place for those new to cheer, or those wanting the competition experience, with one x 2 hour class per week. Teams compete twice per year, allowing members to experience the joy of putting their skills out there on the mat!

Competitive cheer

Experience the thrill of training and competing with your team mates in a supportive, structured and exciting environment. Athletes work together to build their routine as well as their individual skills, then showcase these to an audience of hundreds of cheer fans!

Tumbling program

Small group tumbling and one-on-one classes are also an option at QCE, for those who want to fast-track their gymnastics skills. These are available to members and non-members in 30 and 60 minute classes.

Queensland Cheer Elite, cheerleading classes

School Holiday Programs & Cheer Camp

QCE offers school holiday programs including small group tumbling – from forward rolls to flips. These are split into ages and skill level so everyone progresses and has fun!
Additionally, there is the QCE Cheer Camp – designed for anyone wanting to be a cheerleader for a day! Learn a cheer routine, participate in cheer and gymnastics games, craft activities and more. This is perfect for anyone wanting to fill a day of the holidays and no experience in cheerleading is required. 
To find out more about their school holiday program, email [email protected]

Trials and bookings

QCE are passionate about the benefits of cheerleading for young people in the community, and would love to invite you into the club, so you can see the power of cheer first hand.

Queensland Cheer Elite offers a free trial all year around for anyone wanting to try a cheerleading class. A trial is an excellent way to experience the QCE environment and decide what program is best for your child. To book in for a trial, visit or visit to find out more.

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