Brisbane GP for Kids with Dr Nicole White

Dr Nicole White is passionate about providing focused healthcare for children and is excited to announce the opening of gp 4 kids in Brisbane’s inner north.   Through many years of medical experience and education with a focus on paediatrics, Dr Nicole has obtained the skills and knowledge to offer you a focused general practice service for your children.

How can gp 4 Kids help your family?

Are you worried about an aspect of your child’s health?  Perhaps you are concerned about their growth or physical development. Maybe the school or kindergarten has raised concerns about your child’s behaviour or learning.  Do you have a newborn baby and you are struggling with breastfeeding or an unsettled infant?  Are you worried about your child’s diet?  Or perhaps you are concerned about their emotional wellbeing.

Parenting is one of the most challenging roles we face in our lives and stress around the health and wellbeing of our children can be overwhelming.  As a parent of three young children herself , Dr Nicole fully understands these issues.    She is available to give you the time, expertise and attention required to address your concerns.

Dr Nicole works with a close network of paediatricians and allied health practitioners including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, dieticians and psychologists and can help you access these services should they be required for your child.   When it comes to issues around development, learning and behaviour, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your child and targeting intervention will improve outcomes for children.  Figuring out how and where to begin this process can be confusing.  Dr Nicole can assess your child and then arrange the most appropriate pathway for further assessment or intervention as appropriate.

Who is Dr Nicole White?

Dr nicole white brisbane

Dr Nicole is a general practitioner who has a special interest and additional training in the field of paediatrics.  She spent many years working at the Mater Childrens Hospital on the paediatric training program and subsequently as a GP in the Emergency Department.  She has recently completed a Diploma of Child Health through the Sydney Childrens Health Network and is currently taking part in additional training through the Lady Cilento Childrens Hospital around ADHD management in the General Practice setting.   Dr White also works as a GP at Hummingbird House, Queenslands first and only palliative care hospice for children.

Prior to completing her medical degree Dr White was a physiotherapist who worked for a period at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane.

What services are provided by gp 4 Kids?

At gp 4 Kids, Dr Nicole White offers consultation across all areas of children’s health including:

  • Everyday medical care for babies to adolescents
  • Newborn care and feeding
  • Infant growth and development
  • Infant and childhood immunisation
  • Childhood behavioural, developmental and learning challenges
  • Asthma, eczema and allergies
  • Adolescent health
  • Complex care co-ordination

In addition, Dr Nicole prioritises continuity of care and care of the family as a whole unit and will also provide consultation for:

  • Preconception care
  • Antenatal and postnatal care
  • Women’s health
  • Parental mental health and wellbeing.

Where is gp 4 kids located?

gp 4 kids is located within the Kedron Wavell Medical Centre, a family owned General Practice which has been providing medical care to patients of Brisbane’s north for almost 70 years.  As well as gp 4 kids, there are male and female doctors available to ensure continuity of care for all family members.   There is easy parking directly underneath the medical centre with lift access direct to the clinic.   There is also a pharmacy and pathology collection centre on site.

Contacting gp 4 Kids

If you are worried about your child and need an opinion from a trusted, friendly and caring GP who is experienced in paediatrics, arrange an appointment with Dr Nicole White at gp 4 Kids.  No referral is required.

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