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Located in Bulimba and Norman Park, Balance Dance School is a family orientated dance school run by industry professionals who are committed to empowering children by nurturing creating and inspiring a love of dance. With classes from 20 months of age.

The philosophy behind Balance Dance School’s Toddler Creative Dance and Kinder Creative Ballet classes is to provide children with a creative sanctuary where they can express themselves through imaginative dance and creative movement. The focus in the classes is on the process rather than the product; removing any expectations of achievement. The classes have been designed to nurture the emotional, cognitive and physical development of pre-school aged children.

Balance Dance School

Preschool Dance Classes

From 20 months

Toddler Creative Dance 

For the littlest dancers we have Toddler Creative Dance – ideal for children from 20 months–3 years of age. A parent or guardian is required to actively participate with children in this class, sharing this magical experience.

The class consists of a fun, friendly introduction to dance movements using props, engaging music and nursery rhymes, and is based on children’s natural movements of running, skipping, galloping, jumping and turning. Toddler aged children have an innate need to move and the Toddler Creative Dance class provides an outlet for this energy. The class builds imaginative and creative responses and aids in the development of new physical abilities. A wonderful bonding experience for your Toddler and a carer.

Kinder Creative Ballet  

The next progression from Toddler Creative Dance is Kinder Creative Ballet ideal for children aged 3–5 years.

Their  unique Kinder Creative Ballet curriculum is designed to develop coordination, self-confidence, body awareness and social skills. The 30-minute class consists of a gentle introduction to classical ballet and contemporary dance with the emphasis very much on creativity and enjoyment.

As well as being a fantastic introduction to dance, our Kinder Creative Ballet classes aid social development by helping children to learn how to follow instructions and work together as a group. Parents/carers are invited to share their little dancers dance journey by watching the class.

Their Kinder Creative Ballet students are invited to participate in our end of year concert, a fun experience with age-appropriate costumes and music.

toddlers in blue tutus dancing ballet

School Age Dance Classes

School Age (from Prep)

Classical Ballet

(Royal Academy of Dance) Exams, class awards or just for fun. Following on from Balance Dance School’s Toddler Creative Dance and Kinder Creative Ballet programmes, we offer the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) classical ballet syllabus as a framework for our ballet classes. Students have the opportunity to participate in a Royal Academy of Dance Class Award or Exam (not compulsory).

Contemporary Dance

This class is offered to students who attend Gr 2 ballet and older. An expressive form of dance that is forever evolving incorporating movements that explore the use of gravity and the physicality of the body.


An ever changing, energetic dance style set to popular music. This class provides children with opportunities to be active both physically and mentally, aiding in the development of coordination, strength, stability and confidence.

Come join in the fun-filled inclusive classes your child will look forward to each week!

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