Balance Brisbane Gymnastics and Ninja Gymnastics

Balance Brisbane, gymnastics in Brisbane

Balance Brisbane is a family-owned and operated non-competitive gymnastics club. Their coaches are all professional gymnastics coaches and they aim for a maximum group size of between 8 and 10 to ensure all participants get the most out of each session. They aim for fun, active programs where children make real progress, but without having to spend weekends away taking part in competitions. Below you will find information on the exciting programs they offer.

Who can take part? (Everyone!)

Balance Brisbane, gymnastics in Brisbane

  • Balance Brisbane offers Gymnastics classes for children aged 18 months and up
  • Mini Monkeys, Juniors and Kindy sessions are mixed gender (details below)
  • Boys school-age gymnastics is divided into age groups and ability levels (details below)
  • Girls school-age gymnastics is divided into age groups and ability levels (details below)
  • Ninja Gymnastics. Half of the Balance Brisbane gym is set up specifically for this. It combines Gymnastics, Parkour and Tricking. Sessions are mixed gender, active and exciting (details below)
  • Tumbling for children aged 8 and up who love acro and cheerleading, but don’t want to do all the gymnastics apparatus. These are mixed-gender classes.

Balance Brisbane also have classes for parents and grandparents – they really are for everyone!

Gymnastics Program details

Balance Brisbane, gymnastics in Brisbane

Mini Monkeys (18 months – 3 years)

Parents join their little monkeys in this class and it teaches the beginnings of gymnastics. Dominant movement patterns are the official language, but your climber will be over and under equipment, jumping, hanging and rolling to gain greater balance, strength, coordination and body awareness in different positions. Classes are 45 minutes in duration.

Juniors (3 – 4 year olds)

Parents are encouraged to allow their child to engage in this class without parents entering the gym. Greater confidence builds in this class as more gymnastics-specific elements take shape. Lots of formative stages around spatial awareness occur at this age and improvements in grip strength and confidence in using the apparatus are witnessed. Classes are 45 minutes in duration and limited to a maximum of 6 participants.

Kindy (4 – 5 year olds)

This year before school is full of milestones around movement. Body control improves, listening skills are enhanced, and the children are gaining more gymnastics skills, with the beginnings of handstands being displayed. Lots of animal walks that promote co-ordinated movements and some impressive rope climbs start to show. Sofas become trampolines and dining room walls become great handstand practice areas at home. A strong focus on safety as these kindy kids feel very confident in their newfound skills.

Girls’ Gymnastics (4 plus years)

These classes are suited to all girls; the ones who are at the top of the play fort, always on the monkey bars and trying to do the splits at home, and the ones who would like to be more active but have not yet got the confidence. Gymnastics builds strength that lasts a lifetime. Childhood physical conditioning has lifelong impacts on bone density and the ability to feel confident in physical pursuits throughout life. Core strength assists in improving posture, concentration is enhanced and academic improvement has been shown when gymnastics activities are incorporated into a child’s life. All these things are important when we have our adult head on but ultimately who wouldn’t want to jump on a 10m long trampoline, swing on a bar, run along a beam and learn how to cartwheel and handstand?

Boys’ Gymnastics (5 plus years)

Boys love to move. Gymnastics classes will give them the strength and body control to know where they are in the air and on the ground so they are more co-ordinated, stronger and better able to do any sport they try as well as learning some great gymnastics skills. Gymnastics gives confidence to their physical learning. Typically boys who choose gymnastics like structure, are keen to “do things the right way” and like to follow instructions (or they just like the idea of jumping on a trampoline and climbing to the top of a rope!)

Ninja Gymnastics (5 plus years)

Also known as street gymnastics, Ninja involves lots of jumping over boxes, swinging on bars, learning how to manoeuvre your body over and under obstacles, and learning tricks like flips and somersaults, all while trying to look as cool as possible (rather than with pointed toes and straight legs like straight gymnastics requires). It takes place in Balance Brisbane’s dedicated Ninja gymspace, which includes a large airtrack and Parkour wall. Great for core strengthening, physical confidence and lots of fun.

Tumbling (8 plus years)

Sometimes learning all the gymnastics apparatus isn’t your thing, but learning how to cartwheel, flip and somersault sounds appealing. Using the tumbletrak (10m long trampoline), airtrak (9m long air-filled bouncy track) and sprung floor to learn a variety of tumbling skills, Balance Brisbane run a variety of these classes throughout the week. Ask at the desk to find the appropriate level class for your child.

Trials and Bookings

Balance Brisbane, gymnastics in Brisbane

At Balance Brisbane, they want you to find the right class for your child. For this reason, the club recommends that you do a trial session before booking in for a term. This means your child can try a variety of classes before choosing the right type of class for them. They can try Ninja and gymnastics to see which they prefer or try a tumbling class and a gymnastics class and see which is more fun for them. The cost of a trial is just the cost of one session.

Once you have decided which class to join you book in for the term! Your booking is ongoing to the end of the school year but you only commit financially for one term at a time. Details of costs and our terms and conditions are on their website.

School holiday gymnastics and Ninja program

Balance Brisbane offers active, physical and fun holiday programs in both gymnastics and Ninja Gym. They have designed the programs so that the kids have a great time and are pretty tired when you collect them! Find out more about holiday programs here.


Our kids have absolutely loved Ninja at Balance Gymnastics. The coaches are awesome, the setting is safe and the sessions are fun! This is non-competitive gymnastics with a ‘hip twist’ and, even though our kids were complete beginners, they quickly built their strength, along with a whole range of very cool skills…plus they made some lovely new mates. We’d definitely recommend Balance Gymnastics and Ninja!” – Leith, Balance Brisbane parent

My 5 year old and 8 year old love Balance Brisbane. It’s been great to see their strength, fitness and coordination improve in a fun and safe environment!” – Amy, Balance Brisbane parent

To find out more about booking your child’s trial class, please visit the balance Brisbane website at

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