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Have you got a little one who can’t stop dancing!? Well, Attitude Dance Academy offers classes in all different styles for toddlers all the way to young adults! They provide a fun and safe learning environment where your child can flourish and grow under the guidance of their professionally trained teachers! Attitude Dance Academy is passionate about providing each child with exactly what they need and strive to foster a love of all things music, movement and, of course, DANCE!

Who is Attitude Dance Academy?

Attitude Dance Academy provides a safe and fun learning environment where you can learn dance from professionally trained instructors. Attitude is a boutique-style studio and delivers an excellent student to teacher ratio. They aim to provide students with the necessary confidence, discipline and creativity, while improving their strength, technique, flexibility, coordination and general fitness. Attitude takes students aged from toddlers to adults and are committed to providing each individual student with exactly what they need.

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A range of dance classes in two locations

Attitude Dance Academy offers a wide range of dynamic classes across both of their studios, located at both Newmarket and The Gap. They have classes in all styles of dance, including:

  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Contemporary
  • Lyrical
  • Tap
  • Hip Hop
  • Heels, and
  • Musical Theatre

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Which class suits you?

Attitude Dance academy has made it easy for you to find the right classes for your dancer by carefully developing three programs that reflect different age groups and dance development stages:

Tiny Performers

The Tiny Performers program is designed for little ones aged 3-8 years, specifically created to help nurture students through this particularly important stage of development. Tiny Performer classes are jam-packed with fun and help little ones build their confidence as they embark on their dance journey. These classes encourage tiny performers to use their imaginations to bring dance to life as we move to all of the music they know and love.

Intermediate Performers

The Intermediate Performers program is designed for students aged 9-12years. This program helps students to really build the technical aspect of their dancing. Intermediate Performers work hard to really put in the groundwork to develop the building blocks of what makes a great dancer. Attitude Dance Academy puts an emphasis on developing their students’ confidence and ensuring they feel supported and have a safe space to express themselves.

Senior Performers Program

Lastly, the Senior Performers Program is designed for students aged 13-18 years! By this age, students have worked very hard to get their dancing to an outstanding level and are experts at putting in the work with the studio. Attitude put an emphasis on helping students to really develop their own specific styles and find their artistry. Students are encouraged to discover who they are, not only as a dancer, but personally. They have weekly open classes with guest choreographers and Attitude makes sure their dancers get as many opportunities to expand their dancing as possible.

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Building individuality and confidence

Attitude Dance Academy understands the importance of individuality and encourages students to express themselves and helps them to build their confidence. With a great student-to-teacher ratio, each child is provided with exactly what they need and is able to build meaningful relationships with both their peers and teachers. Students are encouraged to use their imaginations whilst dancing, with the youngest students learning to fly as they run around the room and older students bringing art to life through choreography.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have to sign up straight away?

Attitude Dance Academy offers all new students a free trial week, where they can try all the classes they are interested in participating in. Then, after that, you can go ahead and sign up!

Does Attitude Dance Academy offer exams?

Yes! Attitude offers exams in Ballet (RAD), Jazz and Tap (CSTD). Exams are a great way for students to track their progression and build confidence! Generally, students start doing exams around the age of seven.

Does Attitude Dance Academy have a Performance Team?

They sure do! Attitude competes at competitions all over Brisbane and Queensland. For students who want to take their dancing a bit more seriously and advance themselves further, the performance team is the best way to do so as it gives them so many opportunities to perform throughout the year!

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Wonderful caring teachers that help your kids develop their style of dance. A great school to be apart of!

Wonderful teachers, technical, fun and caring. Performance opportunities, exams, concerts if you choose or just for fun. My daughter spends many hours a week here and it is like a second family.

To find out more about this dance school, please visit the Attitude Dance Academy website.

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