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Tammy’s Art Studio is a safe and creative space for children to develop their artistic side and is located on the Southside of Brisbane in Springwood. Their specialised teachers have created a unique age-appropriate curriculum for each of the weekly classes ranging from 5 years of age to high school seniors. Students are encouraged to be imaginative and individual, to explore and have fun each and every week!

The Philosophy at Tammy’s Art Studio

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The teaching philosophy at Tammy’s Art Studio is that art is a form of self-expression and that the process of experimentation is just as important as the outcome. They believe in teaching their students to be individual, thinking outside the box and to be themselves. They inspire children’s imaginations, teaching them that the mind has no limits and allowing them to dream. Tammy’s Art Studio encourages self-esteem, problem-solving, patience and respect.


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The curriculum at Tammy’s Art Studio is specifically designed to span a broad range of genres, methods and applications. The goal is to expose students to as many art styles, prominent art periods and artists whilst teaching proper technique and equipping them with real skills. From lino printing and sculpture to the elements and principles of design, their aim is to maximise your child’s experience at the studio and to provide an atmosphere that fosters learning and freedom of expression.

Tammy’s Art Studio Classes

Art classes at Tammy's Art Studio in Brisbane

The PICASSOS Prep to Grade 3

This 1 hour 30 minute class is designed to guide budding artists to explore a range of techniques and mediums. The aim is to expose students with a variety of different styles and applications throughout each term to encourage experimentation.


This 1 hour 45 minute class focuses on projects including famous artists and art periods. While still exploring a variety of techniques and applications, they begin to discover a much broader range of styles. Once a term students are able to choose their own project allowing them to explore a subject they enjoy.

The DA VINCIS Grade 7-12

This 1 hour 45 minute class is designed to explore art concepts in more detail. Projects are developed to allow deeper investigation of techniques and styles. Towards the end of the term students plan, prepare and produce a major work of art. This allows the student to develop independence by working on their own project and the freedom to explore a subject they enjoy. The anticipation is that these major works will appear at the end of year student exhibition.

The VAN GOGHS – Home school group

This 1 hour 30 minute class focuses on projects including famous artists, art periods and styles. While still exploring a variety of techniques and applications, they investigate the art world in all its diversity in this class and is open to 5-17 year olds.

Tammy’s Art Studio School Holiday Workshops

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Each holiday period at Tammy’s Art Studio school holiday workshops are on offer. These workshops are 2 and a half hours long and include multiple activities for students to enjoy. Workshops include watercolours, manga and clay for the juniors to more serious activities such as intro to animation, character drawing and street art for the bigger kids!


At Tammy’s Art Studio they are passionate about what they do. They believe that every child is an artist and that encouraging creativity is one of the most important investments that can be made for the next generation. The studio’s commitment is to spend their time, money and energy into bringing all of their expertise and resources into a unique learning experience for your child.

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