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Get your kids active and having a ball these school holidays with Activate Sports’ 3 hour Archery Tag School Holiday Programs!

Activate Sports is excited to bring the sport of Archery Tag to kids in Brisbane! Archery Tag is a safe, fast-paced and incredibly fun sport that is growing worldwide. Think dodgeball, paintball and archery all merged into one action-packed game!

Archery tag is played on a rectangular field with participants using bows and specially designed foam-tipped arrows so they don’t hurt the opponent. The objective of the game is to hit or ‘tag’ other players or to knock out the centre targets of the opposing teams target board with an arrow. Inflatable bunkers are spread throughout the field for players to hide behind and players collect spent arrows as the game goes on.

Activate Sports run a variety of different game modes to keep children engaged and having a blast! They ensure maximum safety by having all players wear face masks, as well as arm guards for additional protection.

Kids posing for archery photo with Activate Sports

School Holiday Program

The Activate Sports School Holiday program is for children aged between 7 and 14 years. The event is run at indoor sport locations across Brisbane, so will be on rain, hail or shine! The School Holiday Program involves playing archery tag for 90 minutes and another 90 minutes of other fun games such as dodgeball, red rover and more. It only costs $45, which is a significant discount to usual hire fees, and runs for 3 hours. No previous experience is required, as the event host will teach the kids how to use the bow before the game begins. Once signed in, parents are free to leave or stay and watch the action!

The program starts with a safety briefing, followed by an explanation of the rules. Players then get 30 minutes of target practice and specific instruction to fine-tune their shooting technique. After this, it’s on to competitive gameplay! Participants will play a variety of different game modes, including classic elimination, first to one hundred, team death match, prison break, medic, treason and last runner standing.

Children wearing masks practicing archery with Activate Sports

Archery Tag Locations

The Archery Tag School Holiday Program will be held at locations in both North and South Brisbane these school holidays! Kids can sign up for one or as many dates as they like. Check out the locations and dates below:

Location: Northside Indoor Sports & Fitness, 17 Flinders Parade, North Lakes.

  • Not running in the June/July 2022 school holidays – check back soon for September 2022 school holiday dates!

Location: OzSports Springwood, 3269 Logan Road, Underwood.

  • Not running in the June/July 2022 school holidays – check back soon for September 2022 school holiday dates!

All events run from 9am to 12pm.

There are limited spaces available. To book please contact Marc on 0432 593 346, via email on [email protected], or by visiting

Child doing archery with Activate Sports

What you need to know

  • Book online via the Activate Sports website
  • For ages 7-14
  • No experience necessary
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early for sign in
  • After sign in parents can leave or stay to watch the action
  • Kids to wear closed in shoes and sports clothing
  • No jewellery/watches
  • Long hair must be tied back
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Canteen with snacks available, however kids should bring a small packed lunch/snack

About Activate Sports

Activate Sports is dedicated to activating the fun back into sport and physical activity! The owner, Marc, is a physical education teacher with over 10 years of experience developing children’s motor skills and encouraging them to be active. Activate Sports believes that fun and enjoyment are the essential ingredients for promoting a lifelong love of sport and being active. The wide-ranging health benefits of being physically active are well documented and extend beyond physical health to include benefits to mental health, personal wellbeing and social cohesion.

Activate Sports runs Archery Tag events for kids and adults, and is available to book for archery tag birthday parties, private group sessions, team-building events, sports club events, school events and more! If you are interested please check out the Activate Sports website.

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