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Like stepping into the pages of your favourite story, head to Arcadium for an adventure you’ll always remember! Step through the portals into magical worlds where your team must work together to help find legendary artefacts and unravel the mysteries within. Bring your curiosity, your love of puzzles and your favourite people!

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Enter the Realm of Magic

First discovered centuries ago, the Realm of Magic remains full of the unknown. Within the realm, adventurers have divined uncertain futures and even less certain pasts, dabbled in alchemy creating magical elixirs and tonics and been perplexed by riddles and enchantments.

The Quest for the Wand of Illumination

The legend says that the Wand of Illumination was the most powerful of the original three arcana of Magic. From the forest of Berthelien to the ancient ruins of Tintagel, the wand has been associated with stories of great magical feats and would be a most valuable addition to the Arcadium Collection. Said to have been delivered to an ancient civilization by wise and mythical beings that arrived over the sea on a cloud of mist, the Wand is rumoured to have last been seen during the lifetime of Emrys, Merlin the Great and is often attributed to his spectacular magic.

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The Pursuit of the Elixir of Life

Nicolas Flamel, a french scribe, is most famously said to have come across the study of alchemy and the recipe for the Elixir of Life whilst translating a little-known book of rather mysterious origins itself but said to have originated from somewhere in Egypt.

The Elixir of Life is fabled to grant the drinker immortality or eternal youth, though, to be honest, does anybody really want to be 22 forever? Even so, this mystery must be solved and any adventurer that can uncover the Elixir to be added to the Arcadium Collection is certain to be brilliant and sage.

The Search for the Stone of Destiny

Much like the other Arcana, the Wand of Illumination and the Elixir of Life, the Stone of Destiny is said to imbue the holder with supernatural talents. It is written in legend that the Stone of Destiny bestows the bearer with wisdom beyond measure and the ability to divine the truth about both things that have passed and things that are yet to come.

This adventure is most suitable for those seeking a true challenge, to find an artefact whose very existence is marked by extraordinary knowledge. Only the wisest and observant of adventurers are likely to find this most prized magical artefact.

Enter the Realm of Mystery

The Realm of Mystery popped into existence shortly after the discovery of the first realm. Truly intriguing, adventurers soon discovered all manner of curious objects and inventions throughout this realm and even more mysterious characters and have been confounded ever since.

The Mystery of the Missing Professor

Adventurers from Arcadium have been exploring the Realm of Mystery with the assistance of a Professor H Geber, who appears to be a native of the Realm. The Professor has been most excited to share his research and his thirst for Knowledge and belief in Destiny is most apparent. In more recent times, Arcadium have been unable to make contact with the Professor and, in their last encounter, he spoke with great enthusiasm about a breakthrough he wanted to share – it seems most out of character that he should have disappeared now.

There is a mystery afoot! Arcadium are currently seeking adventurers to enter the Realm of Mystery to discover what the missing Professor has been working on and discover what secrets he has been keeping… Will you be able to uncover the mysteries within?

Adventures at Home

At Home Escape Rooms are now available from Arcadium Adventures. Now you can enjoy more of the intrigue, the mysteries and the stories from wherever you are! This experience is a most enjoyable way for the family to spend an afternoon or evening at home.

As with all Arcadium Adventures, adult team members are recommended for kids under 16 years, but there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone to discover and enjoy!

Now available at the Arcadium Adventures online store:

  • Chapter One: A Most Mysterious Convention
  • Chapter Two: A Most Mysterious Cloakroom Discovery
  • Confounding Confectionery: The Adventure of Vernon Higgins

Order one in the mail for yourself or order one as a gift for the puzzle lover in your life! Also available for instant download.

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How does it work?

Step 1: Choose a realm

Step 2: Choose your adventure

Step 3: Unravel the mysteries within

Step 4: Discover more adventures

How much does it cost?

Pricing starts from $34pp for 6 players; $36pp for 5 players; $38pp for 4 players; $40pp for 3 players; $42 for 2 players.

Arcadium’s online introduction to Arcadium Adventures is a fantastic way to explore the type of adventure you can share with your children and is just $5. BONUS – succeed in your online quest and receive a $5 gift you can use towards your visit!

How do I make a booking?

The best and easiest way to make a booking is directly on the Arcadium website. If you have any questions, you’re welcome to send a message or an email to [email protected] and one of their Adventure Guides would be delighted to do what they do best and help!

What ages are recommended?

As there are no scary elements to Arcadium adventures, all ages 10 years and over are recommended. Children under 16 years of age are required to attend with a parent or legal guardian, and that individual must accompany the child or children in the adventure. As Arcadium is a fully licensed venue, they request that all guests under 18 years of age attend bookings prior to 5pm for the comfort of all visitors.

Do parents need to participate in the adventures with their children?

Children under 16 years of age are required to attend with a parent or legal guardian and that individual must accompany the child or children in the adventure. The recommended age is 10 years and older.

Is it scary?

There is nothing intentionally scary in Arcadium Adventures! The realms are places of magic and mystery to inspire curiosity and discovery!

Am I locked in?

Arcadium adventurers are never locked in any of the realms and can leave at any time for a break, if that’s what they would like! Arcadium also has a comfortable lounge always available for adventurers to rest.

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Arcadium Adventures testimonials

Amazing and wonderful experience. As a first timer in an escape room I felt that the host was very patient and explained things thoroughly for my benefit, without making it boring for the rest of my group, very impressive. And the rooms themselves! What an exciting, engaging and mentally stimulating experience. I CANNOT WAIT to head back to this place. Thank you Arcadium we will be back for more magical experiences :-)”

Honestly this was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had recently! Chris, our adventure guide was so enthusiastic, passionate and willing to help us every time! Can’t recommend enough. Thanks guys!”

Absolutely fantastic! I would highly recommend to all those who love adventure and mystery. The rooms are great and the adventures are unique. We (group of 5) had such a great time and really appreciate the staff who made our visit fun and easy. We will be back :)”

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