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Founded almost 170 years ago, the YMCA has incorporated their values of Honesty, Caring, Respect and Responsibility into their childcare programs to become the largest single provider of childcare in the world. The YMCA OSHC (Outside School Hours Care) program provides care to school-aged children before and after school, as well as in the school holidays. This awesome childcare service can offer support to your family by being available at those times of the day when you really need it, and by giving you what you require most – a safe and secure place for your cherished young ones to be cared for.

Attentive Before and After School Care in South-East Queensland

The YMCA has 32 different OSHC sites in South-East Queensland and can be found at many schools across Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast. They provide convenient childcare locations for families and not only support the local community in providing a much needed service, but they give back to schools too. YMCA OSHC only employs exceptional carers and strives for continuous improvement, investing in staff through training, mentoring and professional support initiatives, in order to offer the highest quality of care. At YMCA OSHC, you can be assured of a safe, secure and clean environment run by honest, caring and experienced staff.

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Fun and Educational Experiences for School Kids

At YMCA OSHC, children will be presented with a multitude of opportunities to explore their world around them and to build lasting friendships with others. The YMCA embraces the diversity of the Brisbane community, welcoming families of all backgrounds and abilities with their inclusive practices, whilst teaching children tolerance and acceptance of all cultures. Events such as cultural awareness weeks are common practice and are an incredible opportunity for kids to learn about the different beliefs and traditions of other communities. Coupled with their inclusive values, the YMCA delivers a wide range of appropriate programs that reflect an understanding of the importance of middle childhood and the value of play. Mornings and afternoons at YMCA OSHC are filled with fun and engaging activities with an educational twist – a win with the kids (they won’t come home complaining!) and a win for you (you won’t have to listen to them complain AND you will know that they have had a meaningful experience at OSHC!).

Affordable and Flexible After School Care Programs

Cost is often a factor when looking at childcare options. As the YMCA is a charity, before and after school care in their OSHC program is affordable. The fees you pay are reinvested into the service to ensure that high quality toys and equipment are plentiful and nutritious breakfasts and afternoon teas are provided for every child attending. Being able to choose a combination of as many mornings and/or afternoons as required provides families with flexibility in having their childcare fit in around their commitments, not the other way around. YMCA OSHC is also a government approved childcare service, so additional rebates may be available to eligible families.

Please take a look at the YMCA website for a full list of YMCA childcare locations and for further information.

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