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Toddler Sense is a 2-year activity programme, which introduces children aged 13 months to 3.6 years, to a whole new world of adventure after Baby Sensory. Activities are designed to keep toddlers and children busy, active, and stimulated by offering them a magical, multi-adventure experience in a safe and happy environment.

What is Toddler Sense?

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Toddler Sense was rigorously tested before being launched by Baby Sensory. Only the most effective and successful activities have been included in the programme.

Each week introduces fresh new ideas and an action-packed adventure. There is always something new and exciting to look forward to. After each session, everyone buzzes with energy and enthusiasm having had a huge amount of fun. The end result is a great sense of well-being and achievement.

The aims of Toddler Sense

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The aims of Toddler Sense are:

  • to promote a positive attitude to exercise
  • to keep children mentally alert
  • to develop imagination and creativity
  • to promote social and emotional development
  • to enhance language and communication skills
  • to gain a basic understanding of mathematics
  • to develop an understanding of the world in a fun and energetic way.

What to expect at a Toddler Sense Class

Toddler climbing over coloured blocks

Every week is different, you could attend weekly for two years and never have the same experience twice. Each week is a brand new adventure.

Toddler Sense classes feature original music the whole way through and are led by the trained Class Leaders who will create magic, excitement and ‘wow’ for your toddlers.

Classes commence with free play, where toddlers can climb, jump, bounce, roll, run and have fun exploring. After some tidy up time which encourages your toddler to learn about being organised and helpful, the group sings the Toddler Sense hello song called ‘How Do You Do’ with their very special rhythm sticks.

The class then goes on special adventures, with a series of sensory filled activities that are sure to bring wonder and fun with many of the ideas able to be replicated at home. Adventures include snow mountain, safari, fossil hunting, swimming with dolphins, catching rainbows, magic shows, dancing, nature trails and so much more.

Toddler Sense classes are designed to promote exercise, mental alertness, imagination, social and emotional development, and an understanding of the world in a fun, positive and energetic way.

What age is Toddler Sense suitable for?

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Children will join classes based on their age and stage of development, as follows:

  • New Explorers (13 months – 2 years)

As toddlers grow and become more independent, they have a natural curiosity and appetite to explore. Toddler Sense gently introduces toddlers to equipment and activities that are suitable for their age and stage of development.

  • Adventurers (2 years – 3.6 years)

Early adventures are an important part of a child’s journey of discovery, helping them to learn about themselves and the world around them. Toddler Sense offers a whole new world of adventure and challenge that lead learning and development forwards, and motivate children to try out new skills.

There is also mixed aged classes available to cater for both the developmental stages of New Explorers and Adventurers for those with multiple children of different ages.

Class duration and location

Toddler at movement class with big smile

Each class runs for 1 hour. Classes are held at:

  • Camp Hill
  • Newmarket / Grange
  • Kallangur

Toddler Sense

To find out more, head to the Toddler Sense website.

If your child isn’t quite old enough to join the Toddler Sense program, then please check out the Baby Sensory program here.

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