24-hour video consulting doctors with Doctors on Demand

Introducing a new, simple, practical and convenient approach to healthcare — Doctors on Demand. This Brisbane-based technology company, co-founded by John Martin, John Neilson and IT specialist Steven Grehan, has been rigorously trialled and tested, and is now well and truly up and running.

With a full team of experienced GPs, Doctors on Demand is Australia’s first 24-hour video consulting healthcare service. It is a breakthrough in improving our access to healthcare and is open to all doctors, pharmacies and patients!

Why do we need Doctors on Demand?

Studies (e.g. American Medical Association and Wellness Council of America) show that nearly 75% of doctor, urgent care and ER visits could actually be handled via phone or video. Of course, online doctors can’t set a cast on a broken limb or stitch up a wound, but doctors through the Doctor on Demand technology can assist in over 70% of cases. What’s more, the patient has instant access to a GP when they need it, which can only serve to result in better health outcomes.

What exactly is Doctors on Demand?

Doctors on Demand is an affordable, secure and easy to use service that allows you to have a consultation with a doctor via video conference, from the comfort of your own home. You can talk to a doctor from any device at any time, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Patients Australia-wide can access this groundbreaking service, which is available online at doctorsondemand.com.au or via apps downloadable in both Apple and Android versions.

Through Doctors on Demand, you can get expert medical advice from an experienced GP without the travel and sitting around in waiting rooms. You can also be given prescriptions and medication, which can be dispensed and supplied from your local pharmacy or even delivered to you. If you just need a repeat prescription, it’s even more convenient, with a simple questionnaire to complete. Just head to doctorsondemand.com.au to find out all of the options available to you.

What are the benefits of using Doctors on Demand?

The main benefit of Doctors on Demand is that it is improving the accessibility of quality healthcare for patients, at times when they need it the most. This is really important to us all, as improved access to healthcare will result in better health outcomes for Australians. There are also many additional benefits of using Doctors on Demand, including the convenience and flexibility for patients, the ability to see their preferred doctor or to obtain a new prescription, without the time and effort of having to get to and from a doctor’s surgery. Doctors on Demand provides a cost-effective and convenient way to connect patients with the care they need.

What makes Doctors on Demand Unique?

Doctors on Demand is the ONLY platform in Australia that is open to all health practitioners, all pharmacies, and all patients. Their aim is to keep every patient with their preferred doctor and pharmacy so that each patient receives continuity of care.

Doctors on Demand is an Australian company operated by experts and industry leaders from the healthcare and IT industries. The management team of Doctors on Demand have over sixteen years’ experience running medical centres, and currently own and operate nine medical centres in Australia. Their IT team have over a decade of experience in creating online solutions for some of the most recognised brands in the travel, mining and education industries. So you know you are in safe, experienced hands.



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