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Family mediation Brisbane

Co-Parenting for Your Kids is the provider of high quality family mediation in Logan, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Founder of Co-Parenting for Your Kids, Kirsty Petersen, is a Federally Accredited Family Mediator and a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner who conducts family mediation sessions as well as communication workshops for parents.

How can Co-Parenting for Your Kids help your family?

With separation and divorce rates on the rise in Australia, families are requiring mediation now more than ever before. When children are involved, parents are understandably concerned about how such a change will impact the future of their children. Co-Parenting for Your Kids can provide mediation services that are child-focussed and can include your child, regardless of whether the separation is recent or a long-standing one. Additionally, they host communication workshops and seminars to help parents communicate and co-operate in finding solutions to any issues that may arise.

Family mediation Brisbane

Child-focussed and Supportive Family Mediation

With the support of Co-Parenting for Your Kids, you and your children’s other parent will find ways to communicate and reach an agreement, whilst also being guided in HOW to move forward. In your individual intake session, Kirsty will discuss with you the issues you are experiencing. From there, a pre-mediation seminar will be made available to you to be completed online in your own time. This video will give you some more insight into the mediation process; including what to expect and how to get the most from your session and tips for negotiating. The day of your mediation appointment will also include a de-brief session to ensure you are comfortable with the how the issues at hand are to be addressed. Setting themselves apart from other mediation services, it is the ongoing support that Co-Parenting for Your Kids offers that makes the world of difference in creating a stable and co-operative environment in which to co-parent and raise your children.

Co-Parenting for Your Kids Workshops

The communication workshops facilitated by Co-Parenting for Your Kids are designed to give you more information on co-parenting, including –

  • What is co-parenting?
  • What is parallel parenting?
  • What does ‘child’s best interest’ really mean?
  • How do I co-parent with my EX?
  • What is my role now I’m divorced?
  • How do I stay relevant in my children’s life?
  • Re-partnering
  • Talking to your children about separation and divorce
  • Talking to your children about new partners
  • Tips and techniques for helping your children cope with separation and divorce
  • Looking after yourself
  • Does it ever get better?

Family mediation Brisbane

Contact Co-Parenting for Your Kids TODAY at to make an appointment for a mediation intake session or to book in for a workshop or seminar and start making things better for YOU and your CHILDREN. You can also email Kirsty directly at [email protected] to find out more.

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