Brisbane Kids Magazine Media Kit

You can request a pdf version of the Brisbane Kids Media Kit by emailing [email protected] You will find some helpful information, deadlines and specifications for advertising below.


The Numbers

  • 11,000 hand-delivered* print copies dropped to schools and kindergartens per edition
  • 3,000 print copies dropped in small lots to popular family locations per edition
  • 8000 reads per edition of the digital version of the magazine

Facts about the Brisbane Kids Magazine

  • *Hand-delivered means we have a partnership agreement with schools and/or kindergartens to ensure our magazines are not places in piles, but rather delivered into the hands, pockets or bags of their children.
  • A5 sizing means we fit easily in a glove box and/or bag which helps to increase the usefulness and longevity of the publication
  • No parenting articles. We are not a parenting magazine, rather we are an “Ideas Magazine”, every single page offering ideas on things to do, places to go and events to attend.
  • We only permit advertising which is useful to a parent, as it pertains to kids in Brisbane. You won’t find carpet cleaning ads in the Brisbane Kids Magazine. This approach means every page of our magazine, including advertising is useful, expected and valued.
  • Advertising starts at $449 for a quarter-page advertisement.

Deadlines for the Brisbane Kids Magazine


BOOKINGS: Mon 19th August DISTRIBUTION: Mon 9th September

Brisbane Kids Magazine Pricing and Specs

You can download a copy of our media kit and specifications HERE.


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