Family Friendly Car Show in Brisbane at Archerfield Speedway – A Review


On a warm spring night we set out to the Archerfield Speedway to watch Monster Trucks and cars race round a dirt track. What a night out!!

Before we could see the track we could hear the cars warming up, thundering around the speedway, their engines growling.    The atmosphere was electric with fans of all ages.   We quickly found an elevated seat on the stands and settled in to a night at the races.

First up were the Midgets.  The smallest of the racing cars, these little motors are packed with adrenaline speed and kept our eyes glued to our favourite racer.   Out in front, speeding round the corners the car we picked to win was gunning it.   But havoc struck 3 laps from the finish line with a spectacular flip over as he rolled several times and came to a dirt covered end.

midgets speedway

Monster Truck Fun in Brisbane

Next the big draw card – The Monster Trucks.   Tonight the Speedway was the busiest all year.  The Monster Trucks had brought out half of Brisbane!!!  And what fun we had watching them rev their extremely loud engines and then jump clean over their jumps.   Every child and adult in the venue watched in amazement at these monstrous vehicles.   Our 3 year old daughter was so excited watching the “doggie car” leap into the air with its ears flapping.   The highlight of her night.

monster trucks in Brisbane

Out came the Sprint cars and we all choose a favourite.  (These cars move fast and throw up a lot of dirt, so make sure you take glasses or protective goggles). As they hurtled around the track my little yellow number spun out and the race was halted until he regrouped.   Sadly none of our picks came in first.

Fireworks Finale for Brisbane kids

Lastly to farewell the crowd there was a fireworks display and the Monster Trucks excited us once more before we headed home, ears buzzing with the sound of engines revving and covered in a fine coating of dirt.

Archerfield Speedway is a fun and exciting night out for Brisbane families and was enjoyed by our entire family, aged 3yrs to Grandparents. Infact this would be a perfect activity in Brisbane for grandparents.

Archerfield Speedway hold regular meets so check their website for what cars appeal most to your family here.   Monster Trucks are a sponsored event and are not a regular occurrence.   Ear muffs or ear plugs are a good idea to take along, especially for small sensitive ears.   I would also advise a pair of either sun glasses or safety goggles to reduce grit being flung into your eyes.  Food is available to buy, however it is pricey.  Outside food and drink (except alcohol) is allowed.   Take a picnic blanket (as there is a grassed area to sit should all the stands be full) and a warm blanket as the night air does get chilly.   This is a cash only facility and there are no ATMs.

Archerfield Speedway, 63 Colebard Street West, Archerfield.

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