Fairy Bread Recipes

fairy bread for Australia Day

We LOVE fairy bread, it’s fun, affordable and incredibly easy to make. It has three ingredients; bread, butter and sprinkles and is known to be an Australian birthday party staple. It is colourful, crunchy and sweet, has the word “fairy” in it and is usually cut into triangles, what’s not to LOVE? Which is why we’ve come up with a list of ten amazing fairy bread recipes that will ensure your next party is an absolute hit!

Different Variations of Fairy Bread

The best part about fairy bread is that you can now get sprinkles that are colour free! This is exciting for those Brisbane Kids who are sensitive to food colourings. The even better news is that these sprinkles are stocked at most good supermarkets! HURRAH!

Traditional Fairy Bread

This traditional fairy bread recipe from Cakelets and Doilies recommends soft white bread, room temperature butter and 100s and 1000s (sprinkles). Adding something as simple as a cake bunting will lift this simple bread creation into party fare!

traditional fairy bread with bunting

Chocolate Fairy Bread Hearts

This Nutella fairy bread from Polkadot Prints is sure to win some hearts at your next party! The key to styling this fairy bread is the cookie cutter shaping, hearts and stars work well.

nutella fair bread

Window Sandwich Fairy Bread

Perfect for parties as well as lunches, this recipe by Eliza Ellis gives you a pretty little window to see your sprinkles through. You could even theme it up with Seasonal cookie cutters for holiday occasions such as Christmas and Easter.

window sandwich bread

Fairy Bread Scrolls

This recipe by Smart School House uses cream cheese instead of butter for an alternative take on the traditional party favorite. Perfect for school lunches and parties!

fairy bread scrolls 

Fairy Bread Cookies

These buttery cookies by Cookies and Cups add a little twist to traditional fairy bread. They are made with a basic cookie recipe and topped with butter frosting and sprinkles!

fairy bread fingers 

Fairy Bread wands

This recipe by The Hungry Australian uses bread sticks instead of traditional bread slices to create a magical addition to any fairy themed party.

fairy bread wands

Giant Fairy Bread cake

Sure to make your wishes come true, this giant fairy bread cake by Raspberri Cupcakes could be the feature at your next party.

fairy bread cake

Fairy Gingerbread

As a Christmas treat or just because, this fairy gingerbread by Pink Piccadilly Pastries is a delicious and seasonal twist to traditional fairy bread.

ginger fairy bread

Fairy Bread Christmas Tree

This fairy bread Christmas tree by Desire Empire will be a family favorite at your Christmas gatherings, it’s will impress the kids and the adults too!

christmas themed fairy bread

Fairy Bread is such an easy party food to make yet comes with maximum impact which I love as a parent who can’t really cook and stressed about party preparation. If this is you then you would be glad you found this post!! You should also check out our ultimate lego party for other cool ideas.


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