Queen Mary Falls

Queen Mary Waterfalls

Queen Mary Falls is located in Main Range National park on the McPherson Ranges and is around a 2.5-hour drive from Brisbane. The drive is gorgeous: through beautiful country, up winding roads with mountain views.  The falls are located over 800 metres above sea level, close to the New South Wales/Queensland border, so it’s an exciting drive. The walk themselves are quite short so you may want to consider a driving itinerary to make the most of your day out and about. Feature image and all images thanks to Tourism and Events Queensland

The Walk to Queen Mary Falls

Queen Mary Falls is part of Spring Creek  (off Condamine River) and the drop is about 40 metres. There are two walks for you to experience the falls and both can be achieved with kids. They aren’t pram friendly so you will want to consider that before you go. 

Queen Mary Falls Cascades

Images courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland

The Cliff Circuit 

There is a viewing platform (railed) at the top of the waterfall, only a short 200-metre walk from the entrance.  Danger signs are at the beginning of the walk and you will likely want your kids to hold your hands. The rails make it safe but it is still very high up! It will take you about 20 minutes return. 

queen mary falls

Image courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland

The Queen Mary Falls Circuit

You can also walk to the bottom of the falls in about 40 minutes return. It is a fairly easy walk with kids but quite steep in parts. It’s worth the effort: the sound of the water crashing to the bottom and the fine spray of water on your face is an exhilarating experience.


Image courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland


Spring Creek Road, Killarney, Queensland.

50 km south-east of Warwick, 10 km east of the town of Killarney.

Fun ideas to do while you are there

  • You can’t swim at Queen Mary Falls but if you do fancy a swim then nearby Browns Falls offers a swimming hole. 
  • Make a rock tower
  • Stop to take pictures
  • Count birds
  • Look for butterflies
  • Look for fireflies (from October to November)
  • Take paper and pencils and draw the rainbow at the bottom of the waterfall
  • Have a BBQ
  • Camp at Queen Mary Falls Caravan Park  (they also have a cafe that is open 7 days a week)

Helpful resources

Department of Environment and Science:  Parks and Forests

Rainforest Circuit at nearby Main Range National Park


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