Queen Mary Falls

I found the end of the rainbow at Queen Mary Falls.  The continuous bursts of vibrant colour hovered in the air, right in front of me, and disappeared into the base of the waterfall. Incredible! So next time the kids ask what is at the end of the rainbow, I’ll say, “A waterfall”. I wonder if treasure is buried somewhere deep beneath the water?

The Drive

Our family went on a day trip from Brisbane to Queen Mary Falls, located in Main Range National park on the McPherson Ranges.   The falls are located over 800 metres above sea level, close to the New South Wales/Queensland border, so it’s an exciting drive.

queen mary falls killarney, queensland, day trip, brisbane

Queen Mary falls is a 2.5 hour drive from Brisbane so we left early in the morning and arrived back home around 7pm.  When we do these sorts of day trips, it feels like we have a mini family holiday and that is why we love doing them so much.  The drive is gorgeous: through beautiful country, up winding roads with mountain views.  I made my husband stop the car when I saw this gorgeous letterbox surrounded by daisies. What a happy picture it made!

on the way to queen mary falls, beautiful drive

As I looked out at the window of the car, I couldn’t help feel like I was entering a different country.   This sparked my curiosity about the area, so I googled a little more about the nearby town,  Killarney, on my phone. I discovered the town was most likely named after the Killarney in Ireland because of the look-alike landscape. How interesting!

The Stop

We stopped at Spring Creek Mountain Cottage Cafe on the way to the waterfall for the BEST brownie I have ever tasted. And have a look at the beautiful fuchsia flower we found!

queen mary falls

Queen Mary Falls

Queen Mary Falls is part of Spring Creek  (off Condamine River) and the drop is about 40 metres.

queen mary falls, Main Range National Park, Killarney, queensland, day trip brisbane

When you are in the presence of so much majestic power, so much beauty, you can’t help but fall to your knees in wonder and take it in. 

The Walk to Queen Mary Falls

There is viewing platform (railed) at the top of the waterfall, only a short 100 metre walk from the entrance.  Danger signs are at the beginning of the walk so I had my children hold my hands.  I found it to be relatively safe but very high up!

My husband and I also did the walk to the bottom of the falls with our four children (aged 10,8,6,4).  It wasn’t a difficult walk (30 minutes return) but it was quite steep in parts. It’s worth the effort: the sound of the water crashing to the bottom and the fine spray of water on your face is an exhilarating experience.

queen mary fals walk


Spring Creek Road, Killarney, Queensland.

50 km south-east of Warwick, 10 km east of the town of Killarney.

Fun ideas

  • Make a rock tower
  • Stop to take pictures
  • Count birds
  • Look for butterflies
  • Squish a fallen leaf and see what it smells like
  • Try and catch the rainbow!
  • Take paper and pencils and draw the rainbow at the bottom of the waterfall
  • Have  BBQ
  • Camp at Queen Mary Falls Caravan Park 


Main Range National Park

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