Day trip to Queen Mary Falls, Main Range National Park

Children at base of Queen Mary Falls

Queen Mary Falls is located in Main Range National park, approximately a 2.5-hour trip from Brisbane or 40-minutes from Warwick. The drive takes you through beautiful country, up winding roads with mountain views, to an elevation of 800 metres above sea level.  The family-friendly walk to the waterfall is a must-do, as well as a leisurely picnic or barbecue in the peaceful surroundings. There’s a privately-run campground next to the national park, should you wish to extend your stay in this beautiful region. 

Viewing platform Queen Mary Falls in Main Range National Park

Walk the Queen Mary Falls circuit

Queen Mary Falls is part of Spring Creek, which flows from the Condamine River. The 2 km walk begins at the car park, and the full circuit takes about 40 minutes to complete.  If you begin the circuit anti-clockwise, you will first be taken to the viewing platform, which is the perfect vantage point to marvel at the spectacular 40-metre drop of the falls. It’s fun to get this bird’s eye view of the falls first, however, if you complete the walk in a clockwise direction instead, it will be a little easier on the legs.

The entire walk is child-friendly, although supervision with heights and water is always required. However, it is not suitable for prams, strollers or wheelchairs. The walk to the base of the falls, which includes stairs, is worth the effort: the sound of the water crashing to the bottom and the fine, misty spray on your face is an exhilarating experience. You can’t swim at Queen Mary Falls but if you do fancy a dip, nearby Browns Falls offers a swimming hole. 

If you’re pushed for time, you could walk the 570-metre Cliff Circuit instead, which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and includes the lookout over the magnificent falls. 

Teenage girl feeding birdseed to king parrot

Feed the wild birds

At the cafe, located in front of the campground, you can purchase bags of birdseed to feed the wild birds, including colourful king parrots and lorikeets. It’s a good idea to wear a hat and long sleeves, as the birds will land on your head, shoulders and arms. They are friendly, and will happily eat out of your hands, making for excellent photo opportunities! There are toilets in the national park where you can wash your hands afterwards. There are plenty of other animals, reptiles, birds and insects to look out for too, including blue-tongued lizards and fireflies at dusk.

Picnic area at Queen Mary Falls in Main Range National Park

Picnic or barbecue in the national park

Pack a picnic or some snags to enjoy in the beautiful picnic grounds within the national park. There are chairs and tables, electric and wood barbecues, but no bins, so take your rubbish with you. Another option is to purchase takeaway meals from the cafe which is open seven days for breakfast and lunch. In addition to meals such as burgers and hot chips, they also sell coffee, milkshakes, ice creams and cakes/slices.

Base of Queen Mary Falls in Main Range National Park

Directions to Queen Mary Falls

The falls are located 50 km south-east of Warwick, or 10 km east of the town of Killarney via Spring Creek Road. You may also like to try the rainforest circuit at Cunningham’s Gap, which is located within the Cunninghams Gap section of Main Range National Park.

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