Cleveland Point Recreation Reserve

Cleveland Point Recreation Reserve

A picturesque park, surrounded by water and home to the delightful Cleveland Point Lighthouse.

Cleveland Point Recreation Reserve features

Cleveland Point Recreation Reserve is one of those places that really make you appreciate the beautiful part of the world we live in.  Located right at the tip of Cleveland Point, the park is the centrepiece, surround by water and home to the historical Cleveland Point Lighthouse and Café. 

The central playground has a nautical theme, with a miniature shipwrecked boat submerged in soft sand playing the hero role within the play space.  There are swings, an egg play structure and even a giant turtle on sand to play on!  The park is surrounded by beautiful, flat green picnic areas, amazing climbing trees and a ring road which is bordered by a wide concrete pathway around the point.  This is a wonderful stroll, taking in the vast ocean views with various lookout spots and bench seats along the way.

The historic Cleveland Point Lighthouse was built in 1864 and is an exciting landmark at the park.  The lighthouse has an information board at its base and you can also read more about the history of the Old Cleveland Lighthouse here: The Point Cleveland Lighthouse – History.

The nearby Lighthouse Café is also steeped in history and offers not only waterfront views from it’s deck but also fish’n’chips, a bakery, bar and ice-creamery. 

Imagination Factor

There is something magical about this park because it feels like an island; everywhere you look, there is water! With the small shipwrecked boat being a feature of the play area, turtles and nautical-themed play spaces, it’s a perfect place for pretend play because there is so much food for the imagination here.  There are also an abundance of amazing climbing trees!


The park and surrounding areas are all flat, with pathways around the point, to the lighthouse, toilets and play areas.  

Cleveland Point Recreation Reserve – The Facts

  • Covered Picnic Shelters
  • Fish N Chips
  • Ice Creamery
  • Bakery
  • Restaurant / Bar
  • Picnic areas
  • Drinking water
  • Electric BBQs
  • Toilets
  • Play Equipment
  • Viewing Platforms
  • Boat Ramp
  • Parking
  • Historical Cleveland Point Lighthouse
  • Climbing Trees


The park is surrounded by water and has a road (used for visitors to the point) snaking around it.  Although it is not usually a very busy road, an extra keen eye on the kids while playing in the unfenced play area is always a good idea. 

Fun Tips:

  • Bring a picnic lunch or twilight cut dinner to the park.
  • Eat a Galati ice-cream from the Lighthouse Café, situated right across from the park.
  • Eat fish and chips. The Lighthouse Café provides both casual takeaway and dine-in options.
  • Run around the lighthouse 10 times.
  • Bring plastic toy animal figurines with you, sit under a shady tree on the lush grass and set up a zoo, Dinosaur Park or horse ranch. Add sticks, shells and leaves to the play.
  • Make a sandcastle using the sand in the playground.
  • Bring a Barbie or doll (you don’t mind getting wet) and paddle in the water.
  • Pretend you’re on a desert island looking for treasure.  This post tells you how you can make a map out of brown paper: Brown Paper Map for Kids.

Cleveland Point Recreation Park is located on 237 Shore Street North, Cleveland Point

Old Cleveland Lighthouse Park Brisbane

Other things to do in Cleveland and the Redlands Shire

  • Take a visit to the Redlands Art Gallery who play host to affordable holiday workshops for kids in Cleveland and beyond
  • One of the best places to explore the natural beauty of the Redlands is along the Eddie Santagiuliana Way. Expect is walkway and bikeway that is a mix of boardwalk and concrete paths. It is a generally level, easy walk, with a few slight gradients. Our review has more about it, but depending on where you go, you will find views of the bay, open bush, mangroves, duck ponds, melaleuca wetlands and coastal forest.
  • Bay Play Cleveland is one of Brisbane’s best playcentres, indoor airconditioned, with rock climbing walls, a playscape and much more to keep the kids entertained.
  • If you happen to live in Cleveland or are planning on visiting, you might want to take even more time and venture out to Stradbroke Island. The car barge leaves from Cleveland every day. Stradbroke Island truly is a marvel to see and well worth visiting and staying. We have more information here

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