Cedar Creek Conservation Park Mount Tamborine

On an unseasonably hot spring morning, we set off out of the city to the foothills of Mount Tamborine. Winding through farm land and picturesque countryside flows Cedar Creek. This creek is a spring fed creek all year round, with clear water and various swimming spots. It is perfect for all ages.

Fun for Kids at Cedar Creek Swimming Hole

Cedar Creek Swimming

Cedar Creek Conservation Park is situated just over the bridge on Cedar Creek Road. There is a small off-road parking area and large grassed park in which to run, kick a ball or play Frisbee. This park has no picnic facilities, bathrooms or playgrounds, however the creek will keep the kids entertained for hours.

We first tried the shallow waters under the bridge. Here, the children’s interest spiked when we spotted tiny fish darting randomly in circles. The shallow water runs over rocks here and the shade of the bridge above was a welcome relief from the harsh morning suns’ rays. The kids waded around in the water; splashing and throwing rocks and enjoying the cool spring water.

Cedar Creek Swinging

Then we adventured further along the tree-lined creek, looking for other spots to dip into. As we wandered, we came across an old inner tire strung over a tree branch as an excellent swing. My older children found the recycled swing a lot of fun, but my youngest could have swung there all day long. Soon we moved on and found a deeper and wider pool with a few larger rocks for resting on. Here, the children kicked and paddled around on the body board and clambered over the rocks. There were shallower areas for our smallest to paddle in ankle deep water. A fallen tree across the river provided an excellent bridge and climbing frame.

We finished off our visit with a picnic on a rug under one of the trees and then headed off home; tired and much cooler after our country creek adventure.

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Cedar Creek Climbing-over-Rocks

Caution: Although this creek is spring fed and appears clean, it is surrounded by farm land, so putting your head under the water is not recommended. When we visited in spring the water was flowing but not fast. After rains this creek does swell quite a bit. Spring is also nesting season and there were a few magpies around when we visited.

For families looking for more swimming holes in this area, there are the Cedar Creek Falls Rock Pools, with multiple rock pools and good picnic facilities on Cedar Creek Falls Road. There is also a large swimming spot on the corner of Beaudesert-Beenleigh Road and Stanmore Road that is better suited to older children or more competent swimmers and has no facilities.

Cedar Creek Conservation Park is located on Cedar Creek Road in Cedar Creek.

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