Bullcocky Rest Joyner

pelicans at bullcocky rest, brisbane

If you’re looking for a family day out in Brisbane that combines a picturesque drive followed by a relaxing lunch beneath shady trees, then read on.

One of my favourite places on the Northside of Brisbane is Bullcocky Rest, Joyner.  I often visit this place during the day with my son when I need a bit of peace and quiet.    It’s also a brilliant place for an outdoor family picnic or outing on a fine weekend.

Bullcocky Rest is situated on the sparkling Lake Samsonvale which is filled with birdlife and is backed by mountain views.  There are many BBQ facilities, picnic tables and also a playground for the kids.

 bullcocky rest, brisbane, pine rivers shire

Getting There

Instead of driving directly to Bullcocky Rest through the suburb Warner, I suggest you take the short picturesque drive through Clear Mountain (link to other post), following  Eatons Crossing Road (near Cashmere), then on to Clear Mountain Road,  right into Winn Road and left onto Forgan Road where Bullcocky rest is situated. Trust me, you won’t regret it. It’s magical!

Bullcocky Rest

Playground at Bullcocky Rest

 playground at Bullcocky rest, pine rivers shire, brisbane

 playground at Bullcocky rest, pine rivers shire, brisbane

BBQ Facilities & Surrounds

Bullcocky Rest, Pine Rivers Shire, Brisbane, facilities

 Bullcocky Rest, Pine Rivers Shire, Brisbane, facilities

 Bullcocky Rest, Pine Rivers Shire, Brisbane, facilities


There are many different types of birds around Bullcocky Rest.  We always see swans and ducks, and even pelicans sometimes.

{Getting up close to a swan}

swan at bullcock rest, lake samsonvale, pine rivers shire, brisbane


{Can you see  the pelicans?}

pelicans at bullcocky rest, brisbane


Below is a list of activities ideas our family enjoys.

  • Bring a plastic bath boat or plastic plate, punch a small hole in one of the edges and attach a piece of string so you can float it in the shallow water at the Lake’s edge. I did this with my kids and you can read about it here.
  • Have a picnic or BBQ
  • Fish
  • Throw a Frisbee
  • Bring a cricket bat and ball
  • Bring a few plastic animal figures and allow the kids to play on the grass
  • Allow kids to take pictures of the wildlife on a kids camera (or iPhone if you are game).  This can be later printed and kept in a ‘Wildlife I Found’ Book

 kids activities -- take pictures of wildlife and make a book -- brisbane


Bullcocky Rest, Forgan Road, Joyner.


Picnic & BBQ, Walks, Toilets (including disabled facilities), Playground, Fishing (no boating, paddle craft or camping).

Getting there

If you want to take the scenic drive to Bullcocky Rest, drive via Clear Mountain.

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