Springbrook Best Of All Lookout

best of all lookout, springbrook

It’s enchanted, I’m sure of it.

The entrance is cool, and there is a feel of magic in the air. Shadows are dappled with dancing light, making me wonder what sort of secrets the trees could tell. Green is everywhere: textured moss, twisted vines hugging tree trunks and dainty ferns spilling over rocks.  Spots of water sit inside rock crevices, roots knot and gnarl at the ground, birds sing. Yes, it’s enchanted alright.

I’m talking about The Best of All Lookout, Springbrook, situated in the Gold Coast Hinterland, about 1 hour from Brisbane. It’s an absolute MUST SEE because there is truly something magical about this place. Springbrook Park is part of Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage area.

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The short, easy walk to the lookout (700 metres return) is enchanting!  My kids enjoyed stopping to listen for birds and feel moss on the moist rocks along the way. The path takes you past ancient trees, Antarctic Beeches, said to be over 1,000 years old.  The track is suitable for all ages, and is completely lined with bitumen.

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The Best Of All Lookouts

It really is one of the best lookouts. Breathtaking! On a clear day, you can see right out to Mount Warning, Byron Bay and Coolangatta. The best part about the best of all lookouts is that it is only a short 600 metre walk from where you park. It will take around 7 minutes to walk to the lookout from the carpark. It is a view best experienced on a crisp and sunny day. Best to take another layer of clothing for the kids on this walk to avoid the, “It’s cold!”.

best of all lookout, springbrook, queensland, brisbane, outings


  • Jumpers. We visited the Best of All Lookout in May, and it was cool.  I would imagine it would be chilly in the hotter months too, so bring jumpers.
  • Insect and leech repellent. It’s very moist so it’s a good idea to spray on insect and leech repellent.  We use Bushman Plus which helps protect from sandflies, mosquitoes, ticks, leeches & march flies.
  • Camera. To capture the view!

Fun Ideas

Getting There

The Springbrook plateau is 29 kilometres from Mudgeeraba, a cute little town just off the Pacific Motorway. Access the Pacific Motorway M1  and take exit 80. You will drive for around 25-30 minutes along Springbrook Rd, through glorious winding rainforest roads until you reach the top. Just after Purlingbrook Falls, turn right into Repeater Station Road and follow it right to the end where there is parking. 

Other things to do nearby

Travelling all the way to Springbrook for a 7-minute walk (with kids) sounds like a crazy plan so why not pair it with other activities in Springbrook.

Apple Tree Park, Springbrook the perfect spot for a picnic with ample space to let the kids stretch their legs once you arrive or just before you head off home.

See the Gold Coast Glow Worms

Twin falls walk


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