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apple tree park, springbrook, kookaburra

After exploring Springbrook, and discovering the Best of All Lookout, we stopped in at Apple Tree Park.  It’s a lovely little spot, surrounded by trees, equipped with BBQ facilities, picnic tables and enough room for a game of tag.

Apple Tree Park, Springbrook -- parks outer brisbane

One side the park (shown above) feels quaintly abandoned, and the kids loved climbing the fallen trees and playing chase between the sporadic trees.

apple tree park, springbrook

In contrast, on the other side of the park, the facilities are modern. The table and chairs are made of a sandstone cubes topped with what looks like wooden slats but they felt like sturdy plastic.  I liked it. I looked it up later when I got home to discover it was made of EVERTUFF, 98% recycled wood plastic composite.

Undercover table

apple tree park, springbrook, facilities

Nice spots to sit

apple tree park, springbrook, tables

Really nice toilets!

apple tree park, springbrook, toilets

Sit, eat or play

apple tree park, springbrook

The Magic of Exploring

What I love most about exploring as a family, is the magic moments that happen: Just. Because. You’re. There.  Unplanned, uncontrived, unexpected.  Just look at my son’s face here as this kookaburra holds still as the kids get right up close, less than a metre away! Or capturing the 10 seconds before the sun falls behind the horizon. These, these are the moments that act like little anchors, helping to hold our family together, close. This is the magic. And sometimes, all you have to do, is just be there to experience it.

apple tree park, springbrook, kookaburra

Apple Tree Park, Springbrook, at sunset


Apple Tree Park
2016 Springbrook Rd
Springbrook QLD 4213


Fun Ideas

  • Play a game of tag
  • Play a game of hide and seek
  • Birdwatching
  • Stand on the raised squire areas and throw paper planes
  • BBQ on Sunday lunch
  • Walks
  • Feel the bark of 5 trees

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