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Visiting the Abbey Art and Archeology Museum, in Caboolture, just 40 minutes from Brisbane, is like stepping back in time. The stuff inside, old and ancient, makes you think and wonder.  The significance of the artifacts produces a certain reverence, almost compelling you to hold your breath so to be very, very quiet, as though listening for the whispers of voices long past.  It’s nothing short of thrilling!

The Museum

The small museum is the most meticulous and comprehensively laid out museum I’ve visited. Surprisingly though, it’s REALLY child friendly too. What a delight!  The displays are behind clear glass-like displays and there is space to move and browse. Our kids were just as enthralled as we were!

As you walk through the uncluttered spaces, the history comes to life in historical order.  There is also a section dedicated to ancient Egypt, Israel, Greece and Persia, China, India, Japan and other ancient and classical places.

knight abbey museum

Look and Find Activity Book

The kids were given a look and find activity book to complete. It’s like a treasure hunt.

abbey museum caboolture brisbane

The Dig

Try and coordinate a visit to the museum when there is an archaeological dig on.  Beyond fabulous!  There’s nothing like getting hands on.  The kids were taught basic techniques and then the digging began.  My older girls (aged 8 and 10) especially loved this activity.

do a dig at the abbey museum caboolture

dig at the abbey museum caboolture brisbane

dig at Abbey Museum Caboolture Brisbane

The Stained Glass

We had a peek inside the St Michael’s Orthodox Church, right next to the Abbey Museum.  A world of colour, rich history and storytelling is inside, displaying stained glass dating back to the 13th century.

St Michael's Orthodox Church at Abbey Museum Caboolture Brisbane

abbey museum brisbane caboolture

stained glass abbey museum brisbane

Impact on the Kids

The Abbey Museum is an experience that stays with you a long time.  When my son (4) got home from the visit, he immediately looked for his knight toys to play with. It was gorgeous to see him linking items from home with the experience.  My daughter (8) was enthralled with the ancient Egypt display and drew this picture. Awesome.

abbey museum, caboolture, kids

It’s one of those museums I will never tire of and I look forward to visiting again.  There’s so much detail, history and wonder to absorb. It’s like time travel.

Open Times

10.00 am to 4.00 pm – Monday to Saturday

Phone:  07 5495 1652

Visit their website for admission pricing


The Abbey Museum

1-63 The Abbey Place  Caboolture QLD 4510


Abbey Museum Visitor Information

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  1. Nikky says:

    We did this on the last Dig Day, my little one (3) loved it and still talks about the museum. The staff we great in that they helped Nannie with some secret stuff so Little Miss 3 could dig up her own medieval artifact and take it home.
    We had no idea of the grounds surrounding the Abbey so next time we are packing the picnic and spending the afternoon under the trees.

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