Everything You Think About Playground and Childhood is Wrong

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When children are bored, going to the playground will always be the first choice for kids to have fun. For us adults; playgrounds signify as a momentary reprieve in the rigorous task of rearing kids to become great and responsible adults. Most of you probably think of playgrounds as merely a place for children to let loose their boundless energies of youth. But that was not entirely true: playgrounds are important especially during the formative years of your kids. There are hidden benefits that can be obtained in playgrounds; and the best part is that they are all free, like:

Playgrounds Increases Student Attentiveness

Numerous studies show that most kids who play in a 15-minute recess are more attentive in class than those who didn’t. Playing outside allows your kids to refresh their minds and take off the preoccupation of the idea of playing. Satisfying their need to play will allow your kids to be come back indoors more attentive and keen to learning. Furthermore, experts recommend exposure to outside light because it helps the synthesis process of Vitamin D, which facilitates for better learning.

Playgrounds Teach Children Important Values

In playgrounds, kids have to share numerous facilities with other kids. There is usually one slide or swing set for children and they will have to share it and take turns to use them. This is good for kids as it allows them to learn the importance of sharing things with others, and it somehow erases their feeling of self-entitlement and replaces it with the values of sharing, generosity, and courtesy. The fact that they have to share space and facilities with other children also helps them to develop their negotiating and diplomatic skills, an important social skill that they will definitely use in adult life.

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Going to the Playground Helps Develop an Active Lifestyle

Nowadays, most kids are confined indoors with their game consoles or mobile devices. Though it keeps them safe from the potential dangers of the outside world, it also teaches them to become sedentary—a trait that they will carry up to adulthood. Sedentary lifestyle leads to even more harmful illness, so it really pays to take your kids to a nearby playground and let them try out the monkey bars and slides for a change. Most playground facilities engage kids to become more physically active, giving them a steady source of regular exercise. That way, your kids can fight the increasing occurrence of childhood obesity and rickets—conditions that arise from the lack of exercise.

Playgrounds Help Allow Children to Socialize

When playing in a playground, your kid will get to interact with other kids. This allows your child to develop his social skills, allowing them to make friends. As mentioned before, this also forces your child to negotiate the terms of use in playground facilities or what kind of games they will play to ensure that everyone enjoys and no one is unjustly satisfied at the expense of the other. Moreover, participating in playground games helps foster your child’s leadership, cooperation, and teamwork. These skills and traits are necessary to survive in adult life, so it’s better to let your children socialize and not to be awkward around with kids of their age.

Playgrounds Boosts Immune System

In playgrounds, your children are engaged with moderate to heavy physical exercises. Such activities can help improve their immune system, strengthening their bodies’ resistance to illnesses and infections. Exposure to outside light helps stimulate the penal gland, which helps improve the overall immune system of the body.


Unstructured Play Decreases Stress

When your kids are in the playground, they are free from the rigid structure imposed by their teachers and school administrators. This enables their boundless creativity and energies to be unleashed in epic proportions. Without limitations, kids are left to finally explore and pursue what they want the most: to have fun. A play time with less or no restrictions upon children can significantly reduce their stress levels, making them healthier and more responsive in school and in home.

The benefits of taking your kids to playgrounds are overwhelming. So it’s imperative for you to make use of your public parks and playgrounds and let your kids play there to reap the unseen benefits mentioned above. And you know the best part of letting your kids have fun in the playground is? It’s free.

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