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Erths Dinosaur Zoo has to be attended to be believed. If I told you it was a case of amazing puppetry then your expectations are set to be blown away. Kids of all ages will be impressed, startled and mesmerised by Erths Dinosaur Zoo which goes beyond the parameters of explanation. It really is that good…

Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo is a phenomenal production incorporating live theatre, puppetry, paleontology, comedy and all sorts of prehistoric facts. It features intricate animated dinosaur puppets, with dinosaur species specific to Australia. Your Brisbane Kids will have the chance to meet baby dinosaurs, scary carnivores and shy herbivores. The dinosaurs are so lifelike your Brisbane Kids will believe they really are seeing a dinosaur.

A Live Show that’s captivating for kids

Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo had our Brisbane Kids on the edge of their seats and sometimes falling off backwards while shrieking with excitement, fright and delight. The performance is highly interactive with children selected from the audience to stand on stage and feed, pet and entertain the dinosaurs. The presenter is a perfect mix of child entertainer, historian, paleontologist and comedian all rolled into one. He kept both the children and adults mesmerised while providing a highly educational experience.

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Expect very realistic dinosaurs

The dinosaurs are VERY life like. It would be advised to remind your Brisbane Kids before entering (and throughout the show) that they are puppets. Despite these reminders, the performers take their characters very seriously and your Brisbane Kids will soon forget that this is NOT real. The performance runs for 50 minutes, which seemed to fly by with all the action via the dinosaurs.

Is Erths Dinosaurs suitable for toddlers?

Wisely there is a recommended minimum age guide of 5+ for this production. Whilst it is suitable for some younger children there are many elements of surprise, life like dinosaurs and some “jump out of your seats and run a dinosaur is chasing you!” moments, so discretion is advised. Our 4yr old required some comfort at times however she loved every moment of it and since asked to see it again, and again and again!

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Getting to pat a dinosaur

Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo will have your Jurassic fans talking for weeks after the show. A highlight would have to be the up close and personal meet and greet of baby dinosaurs after the show. Brisbane Kids are encouraged to pat an animated puppet baby dinosaur and this was definitely a highlight for my children.

When is Erths Dinosaur Show in Brisbane?

for 2015 this is a limited release show at QPAC Cremorne Theatre, South Brisbane. You can follow up this show with a visit to the nearby Queensland Museum where another group of more stationary dinosaurs will be ready for fun!

DATES AND TICKETS: All shows are on at the QPAC Cremorne Theatre, South Brisbane. Tuesday 13th January – 12.00pm Wednesday 14th January – 9.30am, 12.00pm and 2.30pm Thursday 15th January – 9.30am, 12.00pm and 2.30pm Friday 16th January – 9.30am, 12.00pm and 2.30pm Saturday 17th January – 9.30am, 12.00pm and 2.30pm

Sunday 18th January – 9.30am and 12.00pm

Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo is 50 minutes in duration and has no interval. For more information on Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo, click here. To book tickets, call QTIX on 136 246 or visit

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