Egg Carton Flowers | Mothers Day Craft

Mothers Day craft

Thanks to Tiny Art for this Mothers Day Craft idea.

My Tiny Artists LOVE to collect egg cartons and when looking for something to make for Mother’s Day presents for their Nannas, we came across our very large collection and decided to put them to use.   The following project is cheap, simple and adaptable for children of all ages (and adults) and it’s also lots of fun!

You will need:

  • Egg cartons (one egg carton will make 6 flowers)
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paint (water based)
  • Beads and/or sequins (we used some old beads we were saving from a broken necklace)
  • PVA glue in a small squeeze bottle with a fine tip

How to Make Egg Carton Flowers

Step 1

Mothers Day craft

Using your hands, pull the lid off the egg carton (we don’t need this to make the flowers, but you could use this as your paint palette).  Pull each egg section apart so you will have 12 cups.

Step 2

Mothers Day craft

Using scissors cut each of the cups into a flower.  There a few different ways the flowers can be cut.  We cut ours in two different ways  – one with snipping cuts into the edges all the way around and the other cutting pointed petals into the edges.

Step 3

Mothers Day craft

Lay out all the flowers on the table and squirt paint into each flowers cup; we found it was easier (and much more fun) when we painted with our fingers.  Paint both the inside and outside and leave to dry.

Step 4

Mothers Day craft

Next arrange the flowers by placing one on top of the other.  We found it worked better when we used the two different shapes of flowers and different colours.  When we were happy with other arrangements we glued them together.

Step 5

Mothers day craft

Put glue into the centre of each flower and added beads and sequins. Using fingers spread the glue over the whole inside of the flowers; this will look glossy when dry.


  • Children aged 3 and under will require help with step 1
  • Children aged 6 and under will require help with Step 2
  • Paint the flowers different colours to make them more striking – try contrasting colours
  • As we were making our flowers we thought of lots of different ways the flowers could be used, such as: a brooch, as a necklace, a hair clip, glued onto a cardboard ring to create a serviette holder, a bracelet, stuck onto paddle pop ends and stuck into little flower pots, glued on to a canvas or card and made into a flower painting or picture.

Mothers day craft

We made our egg carton flowers into brooches.

Mothers Day craft

TINY ART is a Brisbane based art school offering (kids aged 2-12): Art Classes, Holiday Workshops, Art Parties, Kindy Workshops, School Workshops, an Artist in Residence Program and Professional Development for Teachers.  For more info visit: PH: 0421 844 508

This post has also been featured in the Local Guide To Mother’s Day. For a tonne of ideas for marking this occasion – from gifts to make or buy for Mum, places to visit or dine at on the day, recipes to whip up and ways to decorate for a Mother’s Day at home, and even outfit ideas for Sunday 8th May – hop over to the guide for an inspiring collection.

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