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Foreword : Without question before I had kids I was going to be a cloth nappy user all the way. Very soon my need for convenience, my lack of time and my c-section all interfered with this idealistic intention. SURE there are mums who have overcome this and more to achieve their perfect cloth nappy routine- but not I. As such I have always been on the hunt to find a way to lessen my impact on the environment when using nappies and so I am pretty excited about the following review.

Let’s be clear. I think I speak for most reasonable earth loving parents our there (aka 100% of the parenting population) when I say that none of us want to contribute to a nappy pile the size of a house that would allegedly take 500 years to break down.

I tried some nappies on the market that have claims to be somewhat biodegradable but they failed both on the cost and the quality every single time. I don’t have time for leaks, I really need my nappies to perform and I need them to be affordable.

Fast forward to the present day where I have 3 great kids with my final little girl just about ready for toilet training. I get an email. Ecoriginals have asked me if I would like to review some nappies. I told them that not only was I happy to review but I was happy to review for free. You see it might be almost too late for me, but think of the lives I could change!

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This is what I will be demanding…

1> Convenience 2> Quality 3> Affordability 4> Environmentally friendly (To the best standard on the market)

Before I tried Ecoriginals this is what I researched.

  • The Ecooriginal nappy is made from plant based materials so it breaks down better. It is not completely 100% biodegradable but it is one of (if not) the best on the market
  • It uses a leak barrier called Cardia Compostable film instead of plastic which means it breaths (up to 5 times more than normal nappies = less chance of nappy rash).
  • The plant wood pulp they use in their nappy is harvested from sustainable forests
  • Elemental chlorine and fragrance free (elemental chlorine is where the nasties lurk so this makes it much more wholesome)
  • Their packaging is 100% compostable!

When I received them in the mail my first impression was to be surprised at how soft they were. This would be one of the bigger issues I have had with dye free type disposable nappies I have attempted to use in the past.

ecoriginal nappies

My verdict after using a full packet.

  • As I mentioned they are soft which for me matters. I like my babies to be comfortable.
  • They hold a lot of liquid and they don’t fall apart when they are full.
  • They are durable, not once did any tabs fall off and I let Miss 2 run around with just a nappy to ensure they hold together well.
  • The tabs come apart easily, but hold together well.
  • I felt better about the environment and what I was or wasn’t contributing to.
  • Their nappies are $13.95 per bag which is SOOO much cheaper than other eco and compares directly with the biggest brand nappies in pricing.

All I suggest is that you try these nappies and make your own mind up. You will be supporting a local Australian business and therefore not only committing to less impact on the environment but also supporting our economy.

Where can you buy Ecoriginals

I see a bright future where these will be stocked in all major department stores but for now you can buy them online or from retailers around Brisbane in the next few weeks (see their website for stockists).

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