Family Fun At Eat Street Markets at Hamilton Northshore

eat street markets for brisbane families

There is something almost magical about the newest market to find its footing on the streets of Brisbane.  Magical and deliciously intoxicating in fact what with its fairy lit eateries, strong mixture of aromas and overall alluring atmosphere.  In fact, it’s very easy to see why Hamilton’s Eat Street Markets created such a buzz prior to opening and why in the mere month that they have been open they have been flooded way into the night by other eager and loving patrons.

A little more special than your usual market fare.

Unlike many who frequented these markets in the early weeks of its arrival, I had no actual pre-conceived expectations of what I would find there.  Indeed, all I knew is that a new market was opening on Hamilton’s Northshore weekly on Friday and Saturday evenings and that it was built around 50 or so shipping containers that had been specially reconfigured as mini-restaurants, bars, galleries and produce stores.  A bit like a South-East Asian night market I suspected and I admit the idea was intriguing.  What I found was exactly this – and more.

As the broadway lit sign blinks from over the entrance and the sharp neon word ‘EAT’ greets you on arrival, the Eat Street Markets bring a little bit of romance and just a touch of artistic flair that makes them something a little more special than just your usual market fare.

eat street markets montage

Fairy lights, cocktails and family fun all in one place!

As promised, shipping containers loom up into the night and house within them row after row of delicious international food options, crafts, fashion and art displays.  The main eateries are blanketed by streams of fairy lights and are well stocked with barrels for tables and trendy chair options perfect for any outdoor restaurant experience.  Visitors to the markets are spoilt for choice with offers like smoked ribs, spicy Indian, exotic pizzas, healthy salads, seafood and Asian delicacies and for those looking to make a night of it there are cocktail bars and live music to further treat the senses.

eat street markets

Kids will love it!

There are many different sections and areas to explore and with different themed nights you can be pleasantly surprised with any number of musical or dance acts featuring on the outdoor stages.  A large fake turfed area only recently added appeared extremely popular with families in particular.  My girls had a ball dancing along with a group of children to a band’s soothing tunes while my husband and I watched on, plate of delectable treats on our laps and feet tapping in unison with our jaws as we ate.

Afterwards we enjoyed an ice-cream on the move as we continued to slowly explore the containers and admire the many respected artists’ galleries hidden within them.  There are beautiful decorative touches to discover and art is sprinkled across different walls and stalls.

eat street markets

If there is one thing the Eat Street Markets has in abundance it is the atmosphere.  If you are having a slack night with cooking and planning on takeaway then it would be worth considering a small drive to these markets.  Why not have a range of options available to you and all the added trimming on the side as well?

Eat Street Markets are located in the same suburb as Hercules Street Park Hamilton, perfect for a pre-markets playdate

The Eat Street Markets are located on Hamilton Wharf, Northshore and are only a short walk from bus and citycat stops.  They are open weekly on Friday and Saturday nights from 4-10pm and Sundays 12 noon- 8pm  and have ample parking available for free. $2 Entry.


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