Easy Iced Biccies

milkarrow root decorating

Sugar warning.. but all things in moderation. I began this activity one rainy Sunday afternoon after several days of rain. I was not in the mood for the mess of baking but at the same time wanted to enjoy the fun of the toddler WOW you get from a good batch of cookies.

How we turned biscuit decorating this into an epic education activity

  • We measured the icing together and mixed it together – which is also known as mathematics and gross motor skill development
  • The children all counted the sprinkles as they went onto the biscuits. We talked about which one had the most, the least, odd, even etc. Again also known as mathematics.
  • We looked at the shapes of the biscuits and the sprinkles and named them – so much mathematics this may as well of been a maths class!
  • We ate the biscuits at a table and practised our manners- ok- not really but we could have!
  • Just goes to show even the most basic activities can be turned into a fun learning session!

You will need

  1. A packet of milk arrow root biscuits
  2. Some icing. Make your own or buy some.
  3. Sprinkles

milk arrowroot

iced milk arrowroots

milk arrowroot


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