Easy Christmas Craft | Make your own snowflakes!

make your own snowflakes

Cupcake casing snowflakes

  • Silver cupcake casing
  • Scissors


These are so easy and so much fun. Fold a cupcake casing in half, in half again and once more. Cut out whatever shapes you want, as every snowflake is unique. Open it up and presto a beautiful snowflake.

Make it a special Christmas

While not part of the Australian landscape at Christmas time, snowflakes still have a way of instilling the holiday magic into any home. There is something special about imagining the cold of a winter snow and the joy of Santa on his sleigh that is everything that is wonderful about Christmas time.

10 things to do with your snowflakes

  1. Hang them from your Christmas Tree. Mix them with gumnut decorations and some candy canes for a wonderfully mixed up Christmas Tree
  2. Hang them on a rounded coathanger over your front door like a wreath
  3. Thread them on cotton for an awesome alternative to tinsel
  4. Sprinkle them over your Brisbane Kids on Christmas Day
  5. Sprinkle them around Santas plate of cookies for a reminder of a visitor from the North Pole
  6. Put your child’s name and year on them and gift them in cards to relatives
  7. Sprinkle them on your Christmas Lunch/Dinner Table
  8. Use them as name tags on presents
  9. Use them as place names at your table
  10. Just enjoy them!

We have lots of other Christmas Craft including Making Angels, Making Your Own Snow Globe and Drawing Some Star Decorations. Christmas is really about family and craft offers a wonderful way of being present with your children, which is about a million times more important than the presents you will give them.


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