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Elf in Christmas tree

In households all around the world, as children sleep soundly in their beds in the lead-up to Christmas, a small and VERY cheeky elf comes to life! This elf might look like one of Santa’s little helpers, but he’s actually on a mission to cause as much festive mayhem as possible — much to the delight of expectant kids!

Each night, the elf finds new ways of revelling in the joys of Christmastime, with little regard for the usual household rules by which children must abide. If you have an elf and he’s looking for new ways of getting into mischief (as they typically are), check out these ideas below! You won’t believe some of the things this writer and her sisters caught their elves doing!

So Angelic!

Elf making a snow angel in flour

If your elf can find a bag of flour, he will love making snow angels for your kids!

Uh Oh!

Elf wrapped toilet in Christmas wrapping paper

Let’s hope no one is desperate in this house — the elf covered the whole toilet in wrapping paper!

And They’re Off!

Elf riding a motorcycle and racing against the other cars

This elf instigated a race with the other toy cars.

Family Portraits

Elf drawing graffiti on family photos

Normal family photos can be pretty boring, unless you have some coloured pens at hand to brighten them up with some festive finishing touches!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

Elf making a Christmas tree out of apples and smarties

This elf raided the fruit basket and the kids’ sweets box to make a crazy Christmas tree.

White Christmas

Elf using mayonnaise to write a Christmas message in the kitchen

Elves love using whatever they can find to spread joyful yuletide messages to one and all!

Midnight Feast

Elf looking into a packet of chocolates

We’ve all been there … It’s late at night, the kids are sleeping, their bag of chocolates is calling to us from the fridge …

Bungee Time

Elf rolling down the stairs in a toilet roll

Some elves enjoy extreme sports, like cardboard tube stair rolling!

Doctor in the House?

Elf playing doctors with the other toys and a medical kit

When these cuddly toys got sick, it was elf on the shelf to the rescue!

Frosty the Snowman

Elf building a snowman out of toilet paper

No snow? No worries! An elf can just as easily make a snowman out of toilet paper and a crazy imagination!

We Saw One Ship Come Sailing In

Elf in boat in sink, catching fish

This elf made a pond in the bathroom sink and enjoyed a spot of fishing.

An Eggcellent Surprise

Elf drawing funny faces on eggs in an egg carton in the fridge

We caught this elf in the fridge, drawing crazy faces on the eggs!

Decorating the Tree

Elf decorating Christmas tree with toilet paper

Elves love to help with the Christmas decorations. This one thought that he could improve the look of the boring old Christmas tree with some fake snow!

’Twas the Night Before Christmas

Elf reading a story book to the other soft toys

Everyone loves to be read a great Christmas story at bedtime, including the toys!

Naughty or Nice?

Elf writing a message in toothpaste in the bathroom

This elf wrote a gentle reminder to the kids using toothpaste. Do you think he’s on the naughty list of the nice list this year?

Kitchen Raider

Elf using building blocks to raid a kitchen cupboard

Elves can be pretty ingenious. They may be small, but they can get into anything, especially with the help of some building blocks.


Elf drawing on toilet paper

Everyone needs their toilet paper brightening up at Christmas, don’t they?

Sleigh Ride

Elf in sleigh with snowman

This elf stole Santa’s sleigh, went for a joyride and had a very sad run-in with a snowman.

No Cheating!

Elf playing a board game with other Christmas characters

When the kids go to sleep, elves love to play board games with the other toys. We just hope this cheeky one plays fair!

For more festive fun, check out Brisbane Kids Guide to Christmas!

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Paula Johnson
For over fifteen years Paula has worked as an editor and writer of educational books and support materials, working in England, Hong Kong and Brisbane. Now with two Brisbane Kids of her own, she enjoys spending time with her children, discovering new places together, making things and getting grubby … and sharing it all with our readers! She loves the fun and creativity of writing for Brisbane Kids and how it allows her to combine her two greatest passions — writing and mummying!

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