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Easter decorated biscuits

Are you looking for a creative Easter treat to make with your kids and enjoy with family and friends? Well these cute chick cookies are really easy to make, perfect for kids to create and even better to eat! Best of all, there’s no baking involved as these cookies are made using milk arrowroot biscuits. So this recipe is safe and fun for kids of any age to try! They can follow our design, or get creative with different colours and decorations to make their own awesome chick creations!

This recipe is a great snack to enjoy at Easter and also makes a lovely present for teachers and classmates at the end of term. For other Easter gift ideas, check out our Awesome Non Chocolate Easter Gift Ideas here.

What You Will Need

Ingredients for biscuit decorating

Ingredients you will need:

  • Milk arrowroots (or other similar plain biscuits)
  • Icing sugar (or you can buy ready to roll yellow icing from the supermarket)
  • Yellow food colouring
  • White chocolate buttons (or white icing reserved before you add the yellow food colouring)
  • Icing pens or writing icing (or chocolate chips)

How to Make Easter Chick Cookies

Step 1

Make the icing according to the packet instructions, then add yellow food colouring, drop by drop, until you get your desired colour. Try to make the icing so that it’s not too runny, so it doesn’t drip off the biscuits.

Spreading yellow icing on cookies

Then ice the biscuits. You can use a blunt knife or the back of a spoon to spread the icing over each biscuit.

Step 2

While the icing is still a bit wet, add the white chocolate buttons for the eyes. If you don’t have white chocolate buttons, you can simply use some white icing (just set some aside before you add the yellow food colouring), or cut mini marshmallows in half and stick them on.

Adding white chocolate buttons to iced biscuits

Step 3

Then add the finishing touches to the chicks. You can use dark chocolate writing icing or a black icing pen to add the pupils for the eyes. Or simply add some chocolate chips instead.

Adding pupils to eyes on chick biscuits

Then you can use a yellow or orange writing icing for adding the beaks and legs.

Adding legs to chick biscuits

We gave some of our chicks cheeky personalities by making their eyes face in different directions. Kids can use their imaginations to personalise their own designs.

Decorated biscuits

Step 4

Next, leave the biccies to dry. Then enjoy these super cute treats with family and friends! They’re great for morning tea, lovely Easter gifts or a get together with family and friends.

Decorated biscuits

Then simply store them in an air-tight container to keep them till later, but trust us, they won’t be around for long!

We hope you love making these easy, cute Easter cookies with your Brisbane Kids!

Decorated buscuits

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