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Easter rabbit cookies

Easter is the perfect time to enjoy some delicious treats with family and friends, and these super cute, no-bake cookies are the perfect snack to make for special events, Easter gifts for classmates and teachers, or just to enjoy at home! This recipe is so easy and as it uses milk arrowroot biscuits there is no cooking involved, so it’s perfect for kids to do for themselves. They’ll love making these tasty creations, and they’ll love eating them even more!

Easter is an exciting time for kids, but not many understand why we celebrate it or where our Easter traditions come from. If you want to share fun facts about Easter with your kids, check out How To Explain Easter to Kids here.

What You Will Need

Biscuit / cookie / biccie recipe ingredients

Ingredients you will need:

  • Milk arrowroots (or other similar plain biscuits)
  • Icing sugar
  • Marshmallows (assorted sizes is useful)
  • Cake decorations, such as sprinkles and writing icing

How to Make

Step 1

Create the bunny decorations, such as the tails, ears and bunny feet. For the tails, you can use half a mini marshmallow, squished to make it fluff out.

Knife cutting marshmallow in half

For the rabbit cookies, make the ears by cutting a large marshmallow in half, then half again (see pic).

Marshmallows with sprinkles

For the hopping bunny cookies, you can make the feet by cutting a marshmallow in half, then decorate each half with paw pads. For this, you can use coloured writing icing or simply stick on some assorted sprinkles onto the sticky cut side of the marshmallow. You could stick with the same colour throughout, or try some different combinations to create a rainbow of colourful bunnies.

We managed to find a jar of assorted sprinkle shapes called Unicorn Confetti Sprinkles (available in both of the main supermarkets) that worked really well for this recipe.

Step 2

Next, make the icing according to the instructions on the packet. Try to make the icing so that it’s not too runny, so it doesn’t drip off the biscuits. Then ice the biscuits. You can use a blunt knife or the back of a spoon to spread the icing over each biscuit.

Putting white icing on a biscuit

Step 3

While the icing is still a bit wet, add the ears and tail for the rabbit cookies, and the feet and tail for the hopping bunny cookies.

Decorating biscuits

For the rabbit cookies, you can use writing icing or chocolate chips to create the eyes.

Easter rabbit cookie

Encourage kids to get creative and use their imaginations to find the best ways to decorate their bikkies.

Decorating biscuits

Step 4

Leave the cookies to dry. Then enjoy these gorgeous treats with family and friends! Perfect for morning tea, a school treat or an Easter get-together with family and friends.

Easter rabbit biscuits

We hope you love making these easy, cute Easter cookies with your Brisbane Kids!

Bunny butt biscuits

You can also visit here for our full guide to Easter, including fun arts and crafts, ideas of things to do in the Easter holidays, colouring pages, non-chocolate Easter gift ideas, where to meet the Easter bunny in Brisbane and much more!

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