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Easter bunny marshmallow pops

If you are having an Easter at home, then we have the best ideas for you! So many, in fact, that we are calling this the ultimate guide to Easter at home! 

Plan your Easter egg hunt

There are lots of ways the Easter Bunny can deliver Easter Eggs. Sometimes it’s as simple as a delivery to the end of the bed with some floury footprints. And, sometimes the Easter Bunny sets up elaborate Easter Egg Hunts to ensure the Easter experience lasts as long as possible. 

Ideas for elaborate Easter egg hunts

  • Place the Easter treats in lots of different and unusual places. Finding the chocolate is all dependant on the kids solving Easter clues. This scavenger hunt type approach is a great way to ensure the hunt becomes a challenge. For younger kids, you can use visual clues for them to try and locate where the Easter eggs might be hidden. For older kids, you can use more complex clues using Easter Trivia
  • Challenge older kids with an elaborate code hunt that leads them to the grand finale of Easter egg drops. Each egg in the hunt needs to have a piece of the code either inside or attached. When the kids have collected all the parts, they need to decode the clue to find their prize. For instance, each clue could be a letter that when rearranged spells where the prize is, e.g. E M M A S B E D R O O M. Or each clue could be a word that forms a sentence, e.g. YOUR PRIZE CAN BE FOUND WHERE FOOD GROWS IN THE GROUND. 
  • Use plastic Easter eggs and fill them with a mix of small non-chocolate Easter gifts. You can recycle the cases every year. Ideas of what to put inside include Lego Mini figurines, charms, shopkins or even clues to where a gift is hidden. 

Easter Food

There is nothing like food during a celebration to bring the family together. Traditions are often built around food and so what you choose today might just be something your grandkids choose for their own families in 30 years! That’s quite an extraordinary idea!

Easter Breakfast

Easter pancakes are a thing and involve elaborate ways of designing pancakes in the shape of bunnies- here are some ideas for you below. For older kids and adults, you might be more interested in a pancake grazing platter

Eggs and Soldiers

Egg Carton Chicken Easter Craft

Dippy eggs are reminiscent of childhoods everywhere. For soft boiled eggs simply fill a pot with water, pop the eggs in, (while the water is still cold) and bring to the boil. Once they have cooked for approximately 2 minutes and 30, they will be ready. Larger or refrigerated eggs might take you up to the 2 minute and 50-second mark before they are ready. It’s straightforward to test one and quickly pop it back in if you happen to pull it out early. 

Cook with Easter Eggs

cadbury creme eggs easter tradition

You would be surprised at how many different ways you can use Easter Eggs from hot fudge sundaes to Easter Cadbury Creme Egg cupcakes. We have a heap of ideas here if you happen to have any leftover Easter Eggs

Easter Treats

Decorated buscuits

We have so many different Easter treats you can make, but our favourites are the ones that require no cooking and are simply about decorating biscuits because Easter doesn’t need to be hard work. Have a look at our chick biscuits, our bunny biscuits and our mini egg nests (which technically require some chocolate melting).  

Easter Craft

Easter craft is all about tradition and whether you enjoy craft or not, we guarantee your kids will so we have included a range of ideas here from the elaborate to the simple. 

Easter Colouring in

koala colouring in

Our Australian themed Easter colouring sheets are free to download or print and feature all your favourite Australian Animals from the Bilby to the Koala.

Easter Egg Decorating

A dozen decorated eggs for Easter

The best thing about Easter egg decorating is the relief upon realising there is no need to blow the egg contents out of the egg. You can even paint these eggs and use them in your Easter Egg and soldier breakfast! 

Easter Baskets

If you don’t have Easter baskets, but you happen to have some paper plates handy, you can easily fashion some Easter baskets. Or if you are living in a crafty house, you might have some felt lying round to DIY some cute egg carriers. You can find instructions for both of those here.

More Fun Ideas for special Easter at Home

  • Make the Easter weekend camping at home weekend. Pitch the tent in the backyard or build a fort in your lounge room. 
  • Create an Easter tree! It’s as easy as making some salt dough decorations and painting a de-leafed tree branch white. Pop the branch in a vase and decorate the branches. 
  • Plant an Easter Garden
  • Read some favourite Easter books. One you might remember from childhood is the Country Bunny- do you remember? Easter books for kids
  • Watching the Easter movies like HOP is a tradition for many families but if you are looking for more options, then you will love our list of every Easter Movie made for kids
  • Take an Easter family photo; you could even make bunny ears from cardboard. You could also outline some rabbit ears in chalk on the ground and then pose for photos. Here are some instructions on how to take a time delay photo with your mobile phone
  • Bake some hot cross buns at home – add some chocolate chips because you can! Here is a Good Food Recipe for you.
  • Buy some Easter pyjamas and plan for the change of season. Depending on where you are in the world these could be lovely flannelette pyjamas or a light PJ set. Easter slippers are always fun too! 
  • Buy Easter Bilbies instead of Easter chocolate rabbits. When you buy a chocolate Bilby, you are contributing to the fund that helps to keep this endangered animal alive. 
  • Track the Easter Bunny as he/she makes their way across the world https://easterbunnytracker.com/
  • Make an Easter playlist. Bonus points for songs with mentions of eggs, rabbits and chocolate. 
  • Have a golden egg hunt. Fill plastic eggs with random combinations of coins. The golden egg has $5. 
  • Host your own Easter Bonnet Parade. The most creative wins! Simply provide all the kids with a cardboard cutout hat and give them a ton of weird and unusual things they can add. Someone we know did a Samboy chip hat once which looked amazing! 
  • Make a paper kite and go kite flying in your backyard. This Easter activity is a tradition that stems from The British island territory of Bermuda where kites are made and flown on Good Friday! 
  • If you have enough flour, consider using a small amount to allow the Easter Bunny to make bunny footprints across the floor. 
  • Catch the Easter Bunny out by using a phone app (just type catch the Easter Bunny in Google Play or the Apple Store. 
  • Plant jellybeans that magically grow into lollipops overnight.
  • Colour-code your Easter Eggs with each child having a colour to collect. No more Easter Egg hunt brawls! 

And that is our exhaustive list of how to do Easter when you are safe at home. If you have a fun or unusual Easter tradition we have missed let us know in comments below! 



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