Easter Sun Catchers | Easy Easter Craft

Easy Easter Craft

Here’s a really easy Easter craft activity that kids of all ages can enjoy.

You will need:

  • Some old milk or juice bottles
  • Different coloured permanent markers
  • Your imagination (or shapes to trace)

How to Make Easter Sun Catchers

Step 1

Easy Easter craft

Rinse out the bottles and remove any labels. If the labels leave a sticky residue, you can clean that off with turpentine or goo remover. Cut the bottles down so you can take advantage of the largest flat surfaces.

Step 2

Easy Easter craft

Once you have your pieces of plastic ready, simply trace or draw your shapes onto them with a black marker. We have made Easter ones, but I have also seen butterflies and cartoon characters that look really great too.

Step 3

Easy Easter craft

Take your time to colour your design – the more different colours the better. Try not to leave any white areas. Once completely coloured, cut them out and remove any extra plastic. We used clear sticky tape rolled backwards on itself to attach to the windows, but you could also use clear double sided tape if you have some.

Easy Easter Craft

And there you have it – your own unique Easter sun catchers!

Easy Easter craft

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