Easter Craft: Paper Plate Chicken and Bunny Bags

Easter craft: bunny chicken bags

If it seems like each Easter you buy a new egg basket that is then lost before the next one comes around then this year why not get the kids busy with a little Easter craft project that will have them making their own Easter bags.  Perfect for collecting all those eggs and yet made from just a few simple items, these bags are a winner all round.

What you will need

Craft items

  • 2 x white paper / plastic plates
  • 1 x yellow paper / plastic plate
  • Hot glue gun
  • Feathers
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Red sheet of felt or a small piece of red / orange cardboard
  • Pink paint
  • Black marker pen

Step 1

Cut one of the white plates and the yellow plate in half.

Step 2

With the hot glue gun, glue the two halves of each plate together so that the bases of the plate are on the outside (therefore leaving a gap in the centre of them – as per the above image).

Step 3

With the second white plate, cut out two shapes as per the diagram above.  These will form the bunny’s ears – so you have a bit of creative licence here as to what shape you want them to be and how big.

Step 4

Paint the inside of the ‘ears’ pink and add a small pink triangle (bunny nose) and two pink circles (bunny cheeks) to one side of the glued together white plate (as per above).

Step 5

Easter Bag Craft

With a marker, draw on the bunny eyes and whiskers, as well as the eye for the bird.  Glue on a selection of feathers for the bird and also glue on the triangle of felt, to make the birds beak.

Step 6

Easter bag craft

Finally, glue the ears onto the inside of the white plate bunny and add on the ribbon hands to each of the bags.  These are now complete and ready to use.  Have fun collecting all those eggs kids!

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