Draw Me A Star

making the star

Star Decoration: Draw me a Star

Believe it or not- its less than 100 days til Xmas- but that aside this is a great decoration for any time of year and my kids LOVE this activity because it’s fun to do and the product looks great when it’s finished!

Craft Stuff you need

Star Templates this is just a fancy name for two stars about 15 cm high, that you can cut out on card

  • Crepe Paper in a multitude of colours> costs about $1.50 a colour- BUT you only use about 1/20th of each packet.. so it really is ultra cheap.. you could get away with using one or two colours
  • Glue School Glue is fine or pvc.. either way the cost is tiny- a couple of dollars- and u will reuse it heaps.
  • Optional Eric Carles, Draw me a Star- this is not absolutely necessary BUT this is a book written by the guy that wrote the hungry caterpillar and he is a genius in illustration and writing- so well worth the investment.
  • Some Ribbon- any old the ribbon- or you could use string or cotton.


How to

1. Read- Draw me a star- it is a great excuse to read it.. and aside from this, for older children you can show them some real links to illustration and real craft

draw me a star

2. If you want to go to his site- Eric Carle has videos that show you HOW he illustrates. GOLD.

3. Cut out the star – depending on the age of the child is whether you do it for them, or let them give it a go.


4. Shred the crepe paper, into tiny pieces (half the size of a stamp)- for older kids getting them to shred the paper from strips is a great motor development task.

star material

5. Pretty simple- collage the crepe paper on one side of each star

making the star

6. Glue stars together (uncollaged side down)

7. Dry

8. Hole punch or staple the ribbon and hang-


Now you have an awesome decoration for Christmas or for anytime!

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