Draw Me a Star – Star Decorations

A hand holding a paper star with red and green paper on it.

If you are after a fun and easy craft activity to do with the kids at any time of the year, but especially at Christmas, this activity is perfect and the finished product looks great!

Draw Me a Star – Star Decoration

What You Need

  • Crepe Paper, wrapping paper, cellophane or tissue paper (in a variety of colours)
  • Glue
  • Ribbon, string or wool
  • Star Templates (two stars about 15 cm high, that you can cut out on card)
  • Optional – The picture book book ‘Draw Me a Star’ by Eric Carle – this is a great way to extend the activity by sharing the book from one of the world’s greatest authors, Eric Carle (who also wrote ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’)

Coloured tissue paper, scissors, star template, glue and ribbon.


1. If available, read ‘Draw Me a Star.’ It’s a great introduction to the craft activity and shows real links to illustration and craft.

2. Draw two stars the same size (about 15cm high)

3. Cut out the stars (supervise young children with scissors)

Cut out of white paper star.

4. Shred crepe paper/wrapping paper into small pieces (about half the size of a stamp), getting the kids to help.

a small pile of red and green tissue paper ripped into pieces.

5. Put glue on one side of a star and place pieces of coloured paper all over the star. Repeat with the other star.

Paper star with red and green paper mosaic.

6. Glue stars together (decorated sides facing out)

7. Allow them to dry.

8. Hole punch or staple a piece of ribbon to the top for hanging.

9. Now it is ready to display!

A hand holding a paper star with red and green paper on it.

Uses for Star Decoration

The finished star can be used as a colourful decoration at any time of the year. Here are some fun ways to display them:

  • To brighten up a pot plant
  • Hang in the window
  • On a card
  • As a gift tag
  • On the Christmas tree


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