Down Syndrome Support in Brisbane

down syndrome support services in brisbane

Recommended Services – Brisbane

Down Syndrome Association of Qld (DSAQ)

DSAQ have been an association that has supported us 110% from first meeting us. They provide such professional and caring services to the community. We have been just so lucky to be a part of their amazing music therapy program since Ella was a baby. A recent resource they have launched to their members and the community is ‘Reading Our Way,’ a whole word reading program for those with Down syndrome or intellectual impairments.

Some staff members recently travelled to Cape Town for the World Down Syndrome Congress, so they are even taking their training programs and sharing with the world! There is also a Parent Conference in the 2013, and they are offering discounts if you register by early December.

I cannot thank or recommend DSAQ highly enough for all they have done for our family, the community of Brisbane and Queensland! The staff are so caring and friendly, and their resources are exceptional!

Website details –

Phone – 07 3356 6655

Assistance with resources/items

Technical Aids for the Disabled (TADQ)

This was another organisation I have only just discovered. I heard of them once again from networking with other parents in a Facebook support group. We have just been through the process of ordering a block trolley with their assistance. This will help our daughter at her pre-walking stage, and give her the much-longed-for independence to walk without our assistance.

Here is some information about TADQ from their website:

TADQ (Technical Aid to the Disabled Queensland Inc), is a statewide not-for-profit organisation and registered charity that provides technical support for people with disabilities and the frail aged to assist with their everyday living.

We deliver project services to the community through the skills of our Volunteers.

Our Project Team work with the TADQ Volunteers to design, modify and manufacture pieces of equipment not commercially attainable. Always adhering to strict safety procedures and guidelines. We provide this service at a minimal cost to our clients.

There are also TAD groups in each state, to assist those with disabilities or special needs.

They are also actually looking for volunteers in Brisbane and regional Qld. If you have any of the skills listed below and some spare time, please call them and help out those in our community who need extra assistance.

Engineers                    Upholsters                   Technicians Trades People              Fitters & Turners          Industrial designers Handy Persons

TADQ depend on the help of volunteers so please give them a call if you can donate some time to this really amazing organisation that helps out so many people!

Website details –

Phone – 1300 663 243

Carer’s Associations

Carers Queensland  offer a wide range of services to assist carers. Here is a list of the services on offer through this organisation.

Carer Advisory Services                                 National Carer Counselling Program

Carer Support Groups                                    Young Carers Program

Cultural & Linguistic Diversity                      Education and Training

Family Support and Advocacy                     Friends Care – peer support

Better Start                                                        Carer Support Initiative

No Interest Loans Scheme (NILS)             Policy and Research

I have accessed their counseling and support services and can highly recommend their services. They helped us through our sleepless period with our toddler and assisted me in applying for Sleep School. I really needed help since I was so sleep deprived and was just not functioning well. They were awesome!

Website details –

Phone – 1800 242 636

Services for Carers and their children/teens with disabilities

Xavier Children’s Support Network – is a Brisbane-based support organisation for families of children aged 0-18 who have high support needs arising from a variety of disabilities including physical, sensory, intellectual and autistic spectrum disorders.

The support we have received from Xavier has been just lovely. The staff I have had the pleasure of dealing with at Xavier genuinely care about their clients, and do their utmost to help in a variety of ways. I cannot recommend them as a support service highly enough.

Website details –

Phone – Brisbane North Office – (07) 3261 6950

South Office – (07) 3216 8811


Paralympic Football Program – A football program that encourages children with many different disabilities to have a go at sport and to connect with others as they enjoy themselves. I have met Jay at a Christmas Party with the Down syndrome Association of Qld, and he is passionate about kids with disabilities playing sport! After their recent interview on Channel 7 news, so much interest has been shown they are holding an Open Day on the 11th November, 2012. contact Jay Larkins at [email protected].

Website details –

Phone – 0411 134 531 (Jay Larkins)


If you would like to donate to any of the organisations mentioned above, DSAQ, TADQ, Xavier, Carers Queensland, or the Paralympic Football Program, please call them. Every dollar donated helps to assist those who are carers and the ones they care for within our community.

Swimming Classes

Albany Creek Leisure Centre – We love our Sunday mornings at the pool and have a great teacher for our daughter who challenges her and treats her like all the other kids whilst also understanding her disability.  PS They have classes seven days a week to suit busy families!

Website details –

Phone – 3264 9903


Brisbane Osteopathic Centre at Wilston, Brisbane. Scott Baxter – comes recommended via a Facebook support group for parents of children with Down syndrome. The clinic and several of the staff have a particular interest in helping children with special needs.

Website details –

Phone – 07 3311 5655




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