Doug Larsen Park

Dough Larsen Park Playground.

Doug Larsen Park has a number of play areas and a lovely outlook, making it the perfect picnic destination with Brisbane Kids.

Doug Larsen Park playground

Doug Larsen Park at Beenleigh is the perfect destination for a quiet afternoon picnic with your Brisbane Kids. There are a number of distinct play areas as the park has expanded over the years. The main playground area features a colourful fort, representitive of a boat, and invites children to board with toddler accessible stairs. There is a tunnel and open slide off the playgroud and an elevated walkway which could be seen as walking the plank and is safely enclosed to make it easy for young children to enjoy. 

Dotted around the park are a range of  infant and regular swings, a merry-go-round, climbing net and a smaller fort playground. For older children there is also a basketball hoop, fitness equipment, BMX and skate facilities.

We have also listed Doug Larsen Park on our list of places to feed the ducks in Brisbane due to often present residents of the waterway that flows through the park (please read how to feed the ducks ethically).

Imagination Factor

dougl larsen park viewing platform.

The expansive natural aspect of the park and the waterway makes for lots of wildlife-seeking adventures. There is an impressive viewing platform out on the lake where ducks and other native waterbird are known to frequent. Mini explorers might enjoy drawing the birds or taking photos before heading home to see if they can use the internet to identify the birds they have seen.  

Special Needs

Doug Larsen Park has wheelchair accessible toilet facilities. The playground is unfenced and close to the water, so vigilance with young Brisbane Kids is necessary. There are bike and walking paths and bridges in the park that are suited to wheelchair and pram use.  Shelters and barbeques are located in many spots for public use.

Doug Larsen Park features

  • Unfenced playground
  • Bark and sand base
  • Wheelchair accessible toilet facilities
  • Climbing structures
  • Slides
  • Swings (infant and regular)
  • Basketball hoop
  • Fitness equipment
  • BMX / Skate facilities
  • Grassy open spaces
  • Creek / Waterway
  • Ducks
  • Bike and walking paths
  • Electric BBQs
  • Picnic tables and shelters

Another great south side Brisbane Playground is JJ Smith Memorial Park.

Doug Larsen Park is located at 41 Logan Street, Beenleigh.

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