Dinosaur Trail Competition

queensland museum snail fossil

The Queensland Museum Dinosaur Trail is a wonderful add on activity for parents to use when they visit the lost creatures exhibition within the Queensland Museum. The exhibition is free for families and showcases all the recent Queensland palaeontology discoveries. Brisbane Kids can expect to find an exhibition that really highlights the size and scope of the dinosaurs that roamed around us.  Scavenger Hunts inside the Museum and give Brisbane Kids the opportunity to hunt for dinosaurs!

mutta burra suaurs

To download the scavenger hunt you need to check out our Queensland Museum Scavenger Hunt Information.

This is a small version of what it looks like

queensland museum scavenger hunt

Then once you have completed the scavenger hunt use the app below to enter our competition which runs until the 4th May 2014.

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  1. Darlene Whelan says:

    When is Dinosaur Discovery at the Queensland Museum coming back to Brisbane!

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