Dinosaur Discovery at the Queensland Museum

dinosaur discovery

PLEASE NOTE: Dinosaur Discovery is no longer on exhibition at the Queensland Museum, however we will let you know if it returns!

Visitors are in for a unique experience starting in early 2015 when the Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous exhibit offers the extraordinary opportunity to see dinosaurs at the Queensland Museum. This innovative presentation features nearly two dozen life-size models brought to life through the wonders of animation and will transport visitors back to the time when dinosaurs inhabited the earth. You will have an intimate look at the way these massive creatures looked, sounded, behaved and interacted with each other just as they did several million years ago.

What Dinosaurs will you expect to see at the new Brisbane Museum exhibition?

According to Professor Suzanne Miller, the Queensland Museum’s Chief Executive Officer and Director, the exhibit features animals that lived during the Cretaceous era between 66 and 145 million years ago. Extensive research has gone into ensuring the models meet scientific specifications so they sound, look, feel and move as real as possible giving guests an authentic representation of their lives on Earth. Visitors will have the opportunity to see a variety of species, including the wildly popular T-Rex and other lesser known species such as the Australian Australovenator and the Muttaburreasaurus, which originated in Queensland.

Families are urged to bring their children to the Queensland Museum for this once in a lifetime experience to view these fascinating creatures up close and personal.

Interactive activities will be key to it success

dinosaur discovery

The exhibition integrates accurate scientific information to inform guests about what the Earth was like so many millions of years ago and how these creatures lived at the time. The museum will be offering a variety of interactive activities for children based on the exhibit and the special dinosaur app is designed to enhance traditional prehistoric study programs. While visiting the museum, guests can spend the day studying these prehistoric animals by combining a visit to the new exhibit with a stop at Lost Creatures: Stories from Ancient Queensland exhibit, which is the facility’s free permanent display dedicated to dinosaurs offering interactive displays, life-science replicas and authentic fossils found in Queensland.

The Dinosaur Discovery exhibit is presented with the Western Australian Museum and Goldie Marketing and the Queensland Museum is only the second facility of its kind in the country to host it.

The exhibition opens on 21st June 2016 and visitors will have until 9 October 2016 to make plans for their visit.

Tickets are available now through QTIX.

For more information about this fascinating and informative exhibition, visit the Queensland Museum’s website at www.qm.qld.gov.au,

Images courtesy Western Australian Museum © 2014

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