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Drive thru deli at Rosalie

So, we’ve all been there … You want a quick coffee but you have a carful of kids to contend with; you have nothing in for dinner but don’t want to feed your family unhealthy fast food; you need a few groceries but can’t face another checkout meltdown at the supermarket; you have people coming over and no time to prepare something special for them to enjoy … Well, we’ve found the answer to all those issues: DELI2GO at the Rosalie Gourmet Market!

A drive-through deli!

Food from DELI2GO

Yes, you read that right — the Rosalie Gourmet Market has been a much-loved gourmet food supplier for over 15 years and it’s now offering a drive-through service for all your foodie needs. You can even get a coffee too!

Rosalie deli

Photo by Meredith Evans

With the DELI2GO service, you can order food and other products online or over the phone and then simply collect and pay for the order from the parking area at the back of the store, without even having to leave your car. The service is smooth and convenient and makes it really easy to pick up what you need, especially if you’re pushed for time or have the kids in tow. There is also a massive range of products available, which is great for when you want the speed and convenience of fast food but with healthy and tasty options for your family.

Yummy delights at DELI2GO

Food from DELI2GO

The Rosalie Gourmet Market prides itself on offering high quality fresh, seasonal produce. DELI2GO’s range includes cheeses, antipasta, deli meats, freshly baked breads, patisserie items, fresh fruit, salad and vegetables, their renowned ‘Night-off Meals’, chocolates, freshly made coffees and even beautiful flowers. Literally any of the huge variety of items that are sold in the Rosalie Gourmet Market can be ordered online through DELI2GO, from cakes and camembert to gourmet salads and sandwiches and all your general or last-minute grocery needs, such as fruit and veg and even milk and eggs! If an item you want isn’t listed online, simply add it as a ‘Custom Order’ item and it will be included in your order.

Night-off Meal from DELI2GO

We love DELI2GO for picking up a coffee and snack on the go, with a huge choice of lunch food, cakes, tarts, slices, brownies, petits fours and more. Their tasty ‘Night-off Meals’ are also a big hit with all the family. There’s so much choice, including lasagnes, pasta dishes, vegetarian meals, curries, soups, pies, stews and ragu. Firm favourites are the mild chicken and almond curry, lamb moussaka, pumpkin and feta cannelloni and the Mexican pulled pork, all lovingly made by their in-house chef.

Night-off Meal from DELI2GO

Photo by Meredith Evans

How to order

Placing an order with DELI2GO is really easy!

  • Order online via the links on the DELI2GO website.
  • Or simply call 0438 801 918.
  • Orders can be picked up 9am-5pm weekdays, and 9am-4pm weekends.
  • Orders will be ready within 40 minutes or at a later time you specify in the comments during check-out.

But wait, there’s more!

Photo by Meredith Evans

Photo by Meredith Evans

Want a coffee but don’t want to wait? You can simply text the type of coffee, size and your name to 0438 801 918 and they will start making your order (available 9am to 2pm).

If you want to browse all of the delicious goodies on offer, the Rosalie Gourmet Market is open 7 days a week from 7am till 7pm on weekdays and 7am to 6pm on weekends, and if you prefer to linger over your coffee and cake, the market’s café, The Back Door, is open every day from 6am to 2pm. The balcony area is great for sitting with kids, and there are high chairs and colouring-in available.

The Rosalie Gourmet Market is located at 1/164 Baroona Road, Rosalie.

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Feature image by Meredith Evans

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