Day Trip to the Crystal Castle

the crystal castle day trip

Inhale peace, beauty and healing. 

Are you looking for a beautiful and magical place to recharge, reflect and find tranquillity within? 

Take a day trip to the Crystal Castle

Bring the family with you for a peaceful experience.

Practice gratitude with your little tribe and together find peace as you explore and wander in a stunning and sacred place before enjoying a tranquil break at the café while the children enjoy the fun of the playground.

Follow the path down to the Kalachakra stupa.

The stupa built by the Tibetan Gyuto Monks inspire compassion in oneself as well as brings peace and balance to the Earth. 

Walk clockwise around the stupa, spinning the 32 Brass prayer wheels letting your spirit and mind gain enlightenment as you contribute to sending blessings and prayers out to the world.

Take off your shoes and free your mind. Let your feet be bare and slowly walk on the raised peddles that will massage the sole of your feet easing any tired achy muscles. 

Let go of what was and surrender to the healing energy that surrounds you as you make your way around an incredibly large Rose Quartz crystal.

The Crystal Castle near byron bay

Enter the enchanted cave and be taken by its magnificent beauty and Magic. 

Watch and feel the Amethyst shine and radiate healing energy. 

It may be something that you will only experience once in your life but if you let yourself be transported by the magic, you may never forget how truly amazing that felt. 

buddha garden crystal castle

Guided experiences at the Crystal Castle  

(These experiences are included in the entry price.)

Shambhala garden tours: 

You are invited to join a daily tour around the gardens to learn and appreciate the story behind each Crystals, statues and sacred places that the gardens have to offer. 

Monday 1.30- 2.15 pm 

Crystal experience: 

Learn about the many different crystals. And how you can use them for yourself. 

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 1.30- 2.15 pm 

Daily peace experience: 

Everyday 12.30 pm- 1pm and 3.10 pm-4pm 

Music of the plants: 

Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 1.30- 2.15 pm 

crystal castle gardens

The playground and cafe

Sit down and relax at the lotus café while enjoying the lovely hinterland view of the gardens. 

All food is homemade and prepared with great intention as The Crystal castle is all about the experience of wellness and healing.  

From nutritious tasty lunch to delicious cakes and desserts to a great coffee. 

The café is in eye view of the large playground so why not let the children play while you give yourself some time to relax in peace and quiet. 

The playground is large with a climbing web, a sandpit, a large dragon to climb, monkey bars and even face painting on weekends and every day of the school holiday. 

the cyystal castle playground for kids

The Crystal shop

You may well be amazed by the range meaningful gifts that you will find for loved ones or for yourself promoting wellbeing, mindfulness and healing. 

Spiritual books, cards, relaxation and mindfulness tools for adults and children, Gratitude journals, jewellery and much more. 

Without forgetting the stunning and vibrant crystals big and small. 

crystal castle crystal shop

Useful things to know: 

  • Location:  Crystal Castle, 81 Money Drive. Mullumbimby. NSW. 
  • Entry Fee:  Adult day pass $28 

                    Concession $25 

Family (2 adults, 2 children) $68 

Children (4 to 14 years) $22                   

  • Large car parks. 
  • Umbrellas available for guests to use. 
  • Large playground with sandpit, climbing frame, monkey bars, climbing dragon. 
  • Café open all day with view on to the playground. 
  • NO Picnics allowed on premises. 
  • Experiences on offer daily. 
  • In summer, be well prepared with hats, water, and sunscreen to enjoy the beautiful garden walks. 
  • No pets allowed on premises. 
  • Toilets available at the cafeI hope you will enjoy your time at the Crystal Castle as much as we did and that the visit will inspire you to extend this attitude of peace, gratitude and wellness to your everyday life.Written by: Wendy Laimant. Explored by Lila, Atarley and Wendy. 

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