Lake Wivenhoe Reviewed

Wivenhoe Dam

Wivenhoe Dam, located approximately one hour north-west of Brisbane, offers a range of recreational options for the whole family. Aside from swimming, kayaking and canoeing, there is also expansive picnic areas and playgrounds.

Fun for families at Lake Wivenhoe

Wivenhoe Dam is the perfect place to take your Brisbane Kids for a day out, with the opportunity for both land and water-based activities in the relaxed, natural environment. There is a small beach area that the kids can play on and get their feet wet, as well as lots of grassy areas to run around, kick a football or lay out a picnic blanket. There are two playgrounds in the park area, at Logan’s Inlet and Cormorant Bay. There is also a cafe and walking tracks. On the way, it is worth checking out the Fernvale Bakery, well known and award winning, and on Sundays, the Fernvale markets for some fresh local produce! The best part about heading to Lake Wivenhoe is the huge amount of room for your Brisbane Kids to be able to run around and inhale some beautiful fresh air.

Wivenhoe Dam

New swimming and recreation area open at Lake Wivenhoe

Previously closed to the public, Billies Bay and Hays Landing (on the eastern side of Lake Wivenhoe) are now open and offer families the opportunity for barbecues, picnics, swimming, fishing, paddling and sailing.

To get to the site, you will cross a new bridge and resurfaced road. Once you are there, you will notice a double lane boat ramp as well as swimming and picnic facilities.

lake wivenhoe

Facilities at Lake Wivenhoe

There are three large toilet blocks with disabled toilet facilities, an abundance of covered tables, benches and barbecues. The toilets are very well looked after and there is plenty of parking for cars and buses. However the park area is quite open, so if  you would prefer to head somewhere where the kids can’t possibly run away then make sure you check out our list of Fenced Brisbane Parks.  Seqwater has a detailed map of the Lake Wivenhoe area, showing where all the facilities are.

Wivenhoe Dam

Lake Wivenhoe is open seven days a week, 5.30am until 6.30pm (September to April) and 6.30am until 5.30pm (May to August). Fishing permits are required from the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. If you wish to holiday at Lake Wivenhoe, a private campground is located at Logan’s Inlet.

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