Dawn Andrews Park Caboolture

Dawn Andrews Park Caboolture

A climber’s paradise, this Central Springs Park at Caboolture has numerous opportunities for your Brisbane Kid to test their capabilities and have some fun!

Dawn Andrews Park playground

The first thing the kids will spot at Dawn Andrews Park is the adventure towers, connected by a wobbly bridge with a large tunnel slide. It’s great for climbers challenging them to negotiate the levels of the towers, running back and forth along the wobbly bridge and scaling the cargo nets. Climbers will also delight at the parkour-style climbing cubes, tricky, but not too tricky!

wobbly bridge with railings

For those that love that flying feeling, there are twin flying foxes for the kids to race their mates. Alongside the flying foxes is the swing set with a regular, toddler and basket swing. The large grassy area beside the playground is a fantastic spot to play a game of tag, throw a frisbee, fly a kite or start a game of soccer. It also has a gentle slope, and what kid doesn’t like simply rolling down a hill.

flying fox at central springs park

At the playground, there is also a smaller balancing rocker, a game of connect four, a weather station play board and a basketball half-court. Central Springs is a master-planned community, so there are concrete paths winding around a small wetland area creating a little circuit and scooters and bikes are welcome here. There is also a healthy population of water birds to spot.

Imagination Factor

Certainly aimed at those who love to climb, kids can pretend to be rock climbers scaling a sheer cliff face. Perhaps they want to be ninjas today, test out their strength and capabilities on the parkour-style cubes. Jungle fever may have set in, and they’re swinging on a vine through the jungle like Tarzan, or they simply want to play kings and queens in their tower.

view of central springs, caboolture playground


Dawn Andrew Park playground is great for ages three and up. There isn’t a lot for toddlers to play on aside from the swings, the weather station board or play in the grassed area. With assistance, they could negotiate the towers and flying foxes. The playground isn’t ideal for those with special needs. Owing to the layout and size of the playground, it is only partially shaded with woodchip soft fall and is unfenced.

There are concrete paths connecting each of the spaces in the park, however, there is limited on-street parking. Good for a small party, there is a shelter with two tables and chairs with an electric BBQ and water bubbler. Although there are no bathroom facilities.

shady picnic spot at caboolture playground

Dawn Andrews Park features

  • Large adventure tower
  • Tunnel slide
  • Climbing walls
  • Cargo nets
  • Wobbly bridge
  • Twin flying foxes
  • Three swings including a regular, toddler, basket swing
  • Balancing rocker
  • Parkour style climbing cubes
  • Connect four game
  • Interactive weather station board
  • Woodchip soft fall
  • Unfenced
  • Basketball Half court
  • Large grassy field
  • Bike paths
  • Sheltered table and chairs
  • Electric BBQ
  • Water bubbles
  • No toilets
  • Limited on-street parking

How to get here

Just down the road, you can check out Caboolture Historical Village at 280 Beerburrum Road, Caboolture and on Sunday you can check out the renowned Caboolture Markets at 140 Beerburrum Road, Caboolture. If your kids love parkour then you should read our review of nearby Redcliffe Parkour Park.

Dawn Andrews Park Playground is located in Central Springs, on Hollyhock Road, Caboolture.

Photos of Dawn Andrews Park Caboolture


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